Save Time By Batch Sending Credit Control Letters

AccountsCredit control is a vital part of customer management that helps companies avoid bad debts and optimise their cash flow. However, as a business grows its customer-base, managing invoices inevitably becomes more time-consuming and complex, which can quickly end up being costly when a business wants to spend their time on generating sales. The reason for this is that businesses will often have to send credit control letters to their overdue customers individually, rather than in one batch.Accounts man

Without an effective method of sending reminders to multiple customers at once, businesses can see massive amounts of time being wasted. This can have real cost impacts too as the longer it takes to get reminders out to customers overdue with their payments, the longer it may take for these payments to be received. Therefore, it is important for cash flow maintenance that companies have a quick and accurate method of sending payment reminders to all their overdue customers.

With OrderWise Accounts, businesses already have the multiple features to accurately control customer credit limits, keep track of customers who have aged and overdue balances, as well as the tools to output credit control letters in order to help chase debt. This suite of functionality also includes the Transactions By Period grid that was introduced last month, which offers a complete breakdown of a selected customer’s transactions by individual ageing periods. You can read more about this feature HERE.

Quick and Easy Multiple Email Distribution

Now in version 11.11 of OrderWise, businesses are presented with an exciting new feature that allows users to drastically reduce the time needed to send out credit control letters. This has been achieved through the ability for OrderWise Accounts users to now be able to send multiple reminders at once rather than having to send these on an individual basis, freeing up staff time to be spent on more productive priorities.

Saving time 350pixIncluded in this new enhancement is the flexibility of being able to include all transactions or only overdue transactions for either all or selected customers when outputting credit control letters. This can be controlled by the ‘Overdue Only’ Filter in the transactions grid within credit control, offering businesses further enhanced management.

Coupled with this ability to send multiple credit control letters at once, this month’s OrderWise release also sees the added capability of being able to include multiple email addresses when outputting to email. Available right throughout OrderWise including within invoice generation, users can now choose to send emails to multiple contact email addresses when outputting through this method, allowing them to generate a better response from their various customer interactions.

Thanks to these two new additions, OrderWise users are able to better optimise their cash flow by increasing the email reach of their invoices and also efficiently keeping on top of their late paying customers. This ensures that wasted time through email generation is kept drastically reduced and focus on driving company profitability is well maintained.

For more information on OrderWise Accounts, you can visit our dedicated page HERE.

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