Sell By The Unit But Price By Weight, Area, Volume or Length

Sales thumbFor many businesses effectively assigning prices to products is a relatively straight forward process, with prices determined to allow competitiveness and acceptable margin on supplier cost price to be achieved. However for certain businesses it may be a case where the unit in which an item is bought, stocked, sold and picked is different to the unit of measure it is priced in.

Common examples of this could be meat wholesalers buying, stocking and selling by the box but pricing based on the weight of the box or stone slabs bought as a whole unit but then priced per metre squared. If items bought and sold in this manner are not effectively managed, calculating sales prices can be a real headache for many businesses. Workflows can start to become inefficient, transfer of order requirements through the business can result in errors being made and obtaining accurate margins for business reporting impossible to achieve.

Earlier on this year, OrderWise introduced a Price Calculator to provide a simple to use solution that enabled accurate pricing and recording of character customisation requirements, which you can read about HERE.

12529 - Pricing Calculator Multiplier Sales OrderPricing Calculator To Meet Even The Most Demanding Requirements

Now in version 9.12 this Price Calculator has been enhanced with the addition of a new Multiplier option, with the numeric value and number of decimal places configured within the sales order entry system settings. Within these settings, users can also specify a sales order line analysis field against the store multiplier against field, which can then be pulled through to layouts if required. Once configured, the calculate price field can be used to multiply by the item net within the Sales Order Line.

With this new enhancement, the OrderWise Pricing Calculator is able to accommodate for a wider range of complicated pricing requirements. Using this functionality, pickers can simply record the multiplier quantity before updating the relevant sales order using the calculator, allowing the complex process to be simplified and ensure non-uniform pricing is handled both efficiently and effectively.

For more information on OrderWise Sales Order Processing, watch our videos or download the brochures.

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