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ManufacturingThe manufacturing sector has seen many ups and downs and can be greatly affected by currency fluctuations. Whilst the value of the pound fell after the Brexit vote, it has since seen a rise following the recent expansion in the manufacturing sector in August. The recent purchasing managers’ index (PMI) survey found that exports were boosted with the post-referendum weakening of the pound, as British goods were cheaper for overseas buyers. You can read more on this survey HERE.

However, whilst the manufacturing sector is showing signs of recovery, potential change and uncertainty in the marketplace mean that a continued focus on streamlining processes and increasing efficiency is still as important as ever. This is particularly the case for businesses importing goods into Britain, as the same PMI survey saw them dealing with increased costs, which is to be expected with the value of sterling continuing to fluctuate. Therefore with many manufacturers facing increased costs, it is important to still look for ways to reduce expenditure elsewhere.

One easy way for businesses to lower their costs is through reduced administration. Even with tight control of components, sophisticated bill of materials (BOM) creation and structured works order processing, manufacturing companies can often elongate their initial product setup. This is because often companies will need to manage multiple revisions and changeable components, so staff end up spending valuable time setting these up and entering the relevant information, on top of the original data entry involved in the product set up process.

Manufacturing WorkAre Manufacturers Doubling Their Workload?

This can often be an inefficient way of working as in a lot of cases, businesses can find that a number of similar components are used to make multiple products with only a few unique components differentiating these manufactured items from each other. Common examples are companies building bespoke or customised items, selling kits, making clothing that contains personalised embroidery or even items that simply come in different colours.

By not having a method in place to reduce the setup and administration of these items that share common components, businesses can often find themselves overwhelming staff with a seemingly endless amount of information needing to be logged on sheets of paper or at a computer terminal. Therefore to combat these issues and ensure both time and costs are saved, manufacturers should look to automate and simplify their initial setup processes.

The OrderWise Manufacturing Module already provides businesses with the ability to manage unlimited length, multi-level BOMs, customised revisions and much more. With the ability to use our Mobile WMS Devices for streamlined works order processing also available, OrderWise provides manufacturers with a system that enables accurate data recording and clear visibility of production progress, helping to ensure that any errors are kept to a minimum. You can read more about the OrderWise Manufacturing & Kitting modules HERE.

Working at a computerIntroducing The OrderWise Manufactured Variant Wizard

Building on this suite of functionality, version 11.9 of OrderWise now includes a Manufactured Variant Wizard that allows users to create multiple new manufactured items and their respective BOMs simultaneously. Accessed from a new treeview node within the Stock module, this wizard provides a very quick and simple solution to the necessary variant and BOM setup by eliminating duplication.

Once this wizard has been opened, businesses can set their variant code and description formula which will be used when automatically generating the new items. Users can then simply add the similar components in the top box and the differential components in the bottom screen, editing the quantity and build per options if required and choosing whether to automatically generate EAN codes during the creation process too. There is also an option available to users managing kitted products to have these new items generated as built kits, offering even greater flexibility on how this new wizard can be used. Then when users are happy with the details in this screen, they can hit the run button which will allow OrderWise to automatically create all the different variants and their respective main revisions all at once.

Thanks to this highly useful new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Manufacturing or Kitting can benefit from a fast and easy process for setting up new manufactured items and their individual BOMs. By eliminating the need to add components that are duplicated across multiple products, OrderWise users can ensure that setup is kept streamlined, time is saved and the cost of administration is greatly reduced.

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