Sage 50 2015 Link Now Available

OrderWIse Accounts IntegrationsAs a registered Sage Developer now for over 12 years, here at OrderWise we always ensure we link to each new version of Sage 50 with current links stretching back over many previous versions. The new release of Sage 50 2015 sees some changes to the Sage software being introduced, however this does not affect either the way OrderWise integrates with it or the functionality offered. To coincide with the latest release of Sage 50, version 9.9 of OrderWise sees our Sage link updated to enable integration with Sage 50 2015.

Any existing users wishing to upgrade to Sage 50 2015 will firstly need to ensure they upgrade their version of OrderWise. As always we would recommend normal back up procedures are followed for both OrderWise and Sage prior to upgrades being performed. Users can then activate the link by selecting Sage 50 version 2015 in invoicing system settings under accounts package. Once selected, OrderWise will link into Sage 50 2015 via the Invoicing module.


Accounts Links VerticalIncluded in our core package, businesses can protect any previous investments by easily integrating OrderWise with their existing accounts system of choice. As standard, OrderWise links to a wide range of commonly-used accounts packages including:

Sage Instant

Sage 50

Sage 200

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Enterprise

Access Dimensions

TAS Books

Please contact us for details of the versions of each with which we integrate.

These secure accounts integrations provide businesses with a powerful end to end solution, eliminating the need to re-key information and preventing any associated errors from occurring as a result. The simple one click integration provides businesses with greater efficiency and allows companies to continue using their current accounting software.

For more details on OrderWise including Accounts Integration, download the brochure or watch the videos.

To discuss your requirements in more detail and find out full details on accounts software version compatibility contact us today on 01522 704083.

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