Revolutionise Manufacturing Efficiency With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

Business TightropeIn today’s highly competitive market, manufacturers are often struggling to manage a complex balancing act. With a global supplier base offering more options than ever before to customers, manufacturers are under great pressure to keep tight control of business processes whilst also ensuring items are produced in the fastest, most accurate way possible. However actually getting this balance right to ensure the very highest quality of product is achieved, production efficiencies maximised and excellent customer service levels are provided can be a real challenge for a lot of manufacturers.

On one hand, it is vitally important that essential data is recorded such as component and built stock levels, production progress and accurate costs so that errors are kept to a minimum, effective management of production is achieved and accurate margins maintained. However on the other hand, businesses need to ensure staff aren’t overwhelmed by a seemingly endless amount of information needing to be logged at a computer terminal or on various pieces of paper, resulting in staff productivity, manufacturing efficiency and item quality all dropping below acceptable standards as a result. Therefore manufacturers should ensure they have a system in place that is able to get the balance right, not just now but in the years to come.

Here at OrderWise, we understand that with the rapid pace of technology innovation, manufacturers need to be confident that the solution they choose for managing their operations is from a provider that is constantly investing, expanding and enhancing its product in order to keep them ahead of their competitors.

manufacturing26814The Perfect Balance Of Detailed Recording & Fast, Accurate Works Order Processing

The OrderWise Manufacturing Module already provides businesses with the ability to manage unlimited length, multi-level BOMs with customised revisions. With this module, businesses can utilise the To Manufacture Report to see which manufactured items are required and by when, create works orders for specific manufactured variants or sub-assemblies, manage component picking, stock allocation and record all costs, labour, equipment used, processes completed and much, much more. Now this comprehensive suite of manufacturing functionality has been combined with our industry-leading OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices in order to provide businesses with the ultimate tool for fast, accurate manufacturing operation control.

RP1200_FrontManufacturing moduleThe culmination of months of extensive development and testing, version 10.4 of OrderWise sees the grand release of our new mobile Manufacturing module, available exclusively on our Mobile WMS Devices. Using these devices in-conjunction with Manufacturing in the main OrderWise system, businesses have the functionality available to pick component stock, work through manufacturing processes, manage sub contract work, log labour, equipment, add any created by-products and much more.

OrderWise Mobile Manufacturing is now standard functionality for any business using both OrderWise Manufacturing and Mobile WMS Devices, available once the relevant settings have been activated and the general setup procedures have been completed.

Within the Mobile Manufacturing module menu, businesses are presented with five different options: Works Order Picking, My Tasks, Logging for Processes, Subcontracted Purchase Orders, Build Works Order and Tote Check.

Fast & Accurate Works Order Component Picking That Keeps Production Moving

Businesses can now assign works order picks to Manufacturing Mobile WMS Device users, allowing them to pick component stock needed for multiple different works orders at once using totes. Enabling rapid picking speeds to be achieved, staff will be directed around the warehouse via the most efficient walk route to pull the required stock from bins and deliver these components to relevant work in progress bins where the manufacturing staff can begin their work.

RP1200_FrontMyTasksMy Tasks

The My Tasks area is essentially the Mobile Manufacturing hub, allowing staff to scan through their assigned processes, logging labour times, equipment used and equipment times by simply scanning relevant barcodes.  Managers or supervisors would assign processes to their manufacturing workers within the main system with each manufacturing worker having full details on their Mobile Device of the process they have been assigned that are available to start and in which order.

With Mobile Manufacturing, businesses also have the flexibility to have multiple staff working on processes together or working through assigned processes simultaneously. This essentially allows for a production line to be set up where staff are scanning an input tote from which they are talking the components for the process they are working on, and scanning an output tote to specify where the stock will be put when that process is complete, with the output tote from one process becoming the input tote to the next. As an example if the first process is to cut a metal sheet into 1000 pieces, as these pieces are then being added to a tote the next person in the production line can be taking these pieces out of the tote and begin working through their task instead of waiting for the full 1000 to be made, allowing for maximum productivity to be achieved. This flexibility doesn’t come at the expense of a lack of control however as processes must still be completed in their specified order, meaning staff can begin work on the next process but will only be able to mark it as completed once the previous one is also marked as completed. This allows complete accuracy and a continuous, highly efficient workflow to be achieved.

Once the last process is completed, the Mobile WMS Device user will be told to specify the quantity that has been built, with options also available to specify over build quantities, mark items as part built, quality passed or failed.  If By-products or cut offs that have also been created as part of the manufacturing process these can also be recorded during the relevant process and booked back into stock for use elsewhere, minimising wastage and maximising profitability.

RP1200_FrontSubcontractSubcontracted Purchase Orders

Businesses also have the ability to effectively manage sub contracted processes. When assigned a task that is marked to be sent to a sub-contracter, Manufacturing Mobile WMS Device users have the ability to scan stock out and mark it as despatched, this will automatically create a sub contract purchase order in the main system and output relevant PO documentation is required. When this then arrives back into stock, staff can simply go in to the Sub Contracted Purchase Orders area of Mobile Manufacturing to book this stock back in and complete the sub-contracted process ready for the next process to begin.

Build Works Order & Logging For Processes

Although My Tasks allows users to log labour and equipment as they are working through processes and build works order once the last process is completed, businesses who require an added level of control or managerial supervision of the recording of this information can achieve this through using these two areas instead.  The Logging For Processes functionality also allows business that have simpler works order configuration and do not wish to manage the whole process flow on the Mobile Device to simply record labour and equipment against a works order.

Managers and supervisors can also gain full control of their Mobile Manufacturing operations through several new screens within the main OrderWise system. Now businesses have the functionality enabling them to assign Manufacturing Mobile Device workers to processes, prioritise certain picks and processes for works orders that need completing more urgently and easily track the progress of these works orders through full visibility of manufacturing totes.

delivering a solution 3A Manufacturing Game Changer

With OrderWise Manufacturing and Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are able to achieve extremely fast, highly accurate and completely paperless management of complex manufacturing processes. With this comprehensive suite of functionality combined with barcode scanning technology, manufacturing companies no longer have to sacrifice detailed recording at the expense of greater efficiency and vice versa, because with the help of OrderWise Mobile Manufacturing, businesses can easily achieve both. Through rapid works order picking, massively streamlined processes and precise logging of costs incurred, quantities built and by products created, OrderWise presents businesses with the ultimate solution for highly productive manufacturing operations that is able to get the balance just right.

For more information on OrderWise Manufacturing on Mobile WMS Devices, existing users can contact our Client Service Advisors team today.

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