Retain batch number & expiry dates through manufacturing

OrderWise Manufacturing ModuleFor many manufacturers, traceability is essential.  Knowing exactly which batch components have come from and ensuring full, fast and easy traceability from supplier, through manufacturing and on to customers is key.  In many cases there will be multiple components being used to create the new manufactured product, each of which has its own batch number.  In these situations it makes sense to create a new batch number for the manufactured products while retaining full batch traceability of the component used.  However in certain manufacturing situations there will be a singular key component that carries the full extent of traceability concerns.

An invaluable option for certain manufactured items

Manufacturing System SettingsIn food production for example, there can be many different ingredients used to create the finished product, all of which are equally important, making it impossible to highlight one over another as being the key ingredient or component.  If we took the example of simple re-packaging however this can change.   A company could be buying juice in bulk then simply bottling it.  Obviously it is still vital to ensure that all components used are fully traceable, but with the juice being such a key component, the traceability chain can be shortened by using the batch number of the juice as the batch number of the manufactured items.  While there will still be full recording of batch details of the bottles used, easily recalled using the OrderWise Transaction Trace feature, the single batch identification retained from supplier through manufacturing to customer for the juice creates a simpler traceability journey through the business.

Simplify traceability and expiry control

Manufacturing Flag ComponentIn the 2014 v9.2 release there has been new development within the Manufacturing module that allows the batch number of a component used within a manufacturing revision to be carried forward and used as the batch number for the manufactured items created using them.

When the new ‘Implement batch number continuity” Manufacturing system setting is activated then a single revision component product or works order component can be specified as where the batch number is taken from when building a works order.

The ‘Use component batch number’ component setting can only be switched on if:-

  • Both the manufactured variant and component variant are batch traced.
  • The variant revision/works order has no other components with the setting on.
  • The component has no component substitutes.
  • The revision isn’t for a kit variant.

In the earlier example of bottling juice, a company may also want to have the expiry date of the manufactured product reflect the expiry date of the batch of juice used to create it.

As part of the same development the 2014 v9.2 release also includes the ability to choose if in addition to retaining the batch number of the component the user also wishes to ‘Apply continuity to expiry dates’.  Please read the release notes for further details on this new development.

For more information on OrderWise Manufacturing watch the video or download the brochure.

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