Restrict Users From Deleting Tasks In CRM Opportunities

CRM Customer Relationship ManagerMaintaining amicable and profitable customer relationships is an essential aspect of any successful business, with companies often striving to achieve structured management over these relationships so that returned custom can be obtained and sales maximised.

Therefore businesses will want to be able to keep track of all customer communications, monitor staff performance and manage tasks that need to be completed in order for company goals to be achieved. When managing the setting up, editing and deletion of these tasks, businesses will often want to keep the number of staff with this responsibility to a minimum.

Depending on the systems and procedures in place, in some cases the setting up, maintenance and distribution of these tasks can often fall under the responsibility of managers and supervisors. This way staff members can be carefully assigned to a task based on their availability, suitability and existing relationship with the customer that the task is regarding. In other instances, businesses may simply want to restrict which members of staff can edit or delete tasks so that careful, organised management is accurately achieved and the number of tasks being deleted in error is kept reduced.

12159 - Delete opportunity tasksEnhanced Security Over Opportunity Task Management

The OrderWise CRM Module already provides users with the tools, structure and control required across the entire business to manage customer relationships, enabling staff to easily identify and access the information they need to perform effectively. Now a new feature has been added to OrderWise in version 9.10 to prohibit OrderWise users from deleting tasks in CRM opportunities. This feature is controlled via a CRM user group setting labelled Delete opportunity tasks. This setting will be enabled by default, therefore any business wishing to stop a user group from deleting tasks will need to ensure this setting is unselected.

With the introduction of this additional security setting, OrderWise CRM users are provided with greater control over which staff are able to manage tasks set against customer opportunities, allowing businesses to ensure errors are kept to a minimum and good relationships with customers are well maintained.

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