New Feature To Quickly Resolve 3PL Billing Disputes

SalesAlthough every business to some extent will have their own unique methods for billing customers and processing orders, this statement is especially true for companies that offer third party logistics as nearly every single one will have their own bespoke way in which they bill customers. Some will choose to charge customers based on stock handling and storage at an individual item level, others will simply have a general flat rate that they have agreed with customers, then in some instances it may even be a mixture of the two. Not only that, but within each business there may even be diversification in the billing method and invoice frequency from customer to customer.

However a 3PL business is choosing to charge their customers, what is absolutely crucial is that any stock handling data used to calculate customer charges is accurately recorded. This is because if customers query what they have been billed, 3PL businesses need to be able to produce the necessary transactional information that shows exactly what has been used to calculate their charges for that period. The problem is that too often 3PL businesses simply rely on staff manually entering information into Excel spreadsheets to record data and make their calculations.

3PLBilling2The big problem with working in this way is that information recorded in these spreadsheets is simply not accurate or detailed enough to adequately satisfy any queries or resolve any disputes with customers should they arise. Without having the necessary transactional information used to calculate charges available when needed, 3PL businesses can find themselves sacrificing profits and losing valuable customers.

Gain Accurate Control Of  Your 3PL Orders With OrderWise

Last month here at OrderWise we unveiled our brand new 3PL Billing Module, the perfect solution for any business offering third party logistics. This module delivers a comprehensive suite of software that enables 3PL businesses to reap all the benefits of OrderWise Stock Control, Warehouse Management and our Mobile WMS Devices, along with additional functionality that provides an accurate method of calculating customer charges based on various stock handlings. You can read the blog from last month on our 3PL Billing Module HERE.

As with every major new addition to OrderWise, our Development team will continue to add new functionality to this module over time, with the first new enhancement to our 3PL Billing suite arriving this month in version 11.6 of OrderWise. This new development is a Third Party Logistics Order Detail grid, which enables users to view a full breakdown of all transactions processed against the relevant customer order.

Warehouse2Easy Access To Stock Transactions For Your 3PL Orders

To access this grid, users simply head to the 3PL Order History node, select the order they wish to analyse further and then press the new View Detail button. When this button is pressed a new form will open with a drop down showing the multiple different 3PL transaction types such as customer or quantity picked, packed, received, handled, etc. Once the desired transaction type has been selected, the 3PL Order Detail grid will refresh to show all the relevant transactional information for the selected order.

With this highly useful new enhancement, OrderWise 3PL Billing users are now able to quickly and effectively resolve any customer disputes by being able to easily see exactly what stock transactions have gone into the calculated charges for each order. Through this additional insight, 3PL businesses can rest easy knowing that they always have the trail of transactional data they need to hand to ensure that charges are being calculated correctly.

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