Six New Reports Added In Version 10.3 Of OrderWise

Reporting thumbLast month the OrderWise Reports and Layouts team added four new analytical reports to help customers interpret their business data, with these reports highlighting the customers spending the most, products selling the best and orders with a discount/surcharge applied. Now this month the team have added another six highly beneficial standard reports to help analyse more key areas within OrderWise.

Top N Supplier Returned Variants By Quantity Report

This new supplier returns report displays a specified number of variants that have appeared on Supplier Returns, with the report sorted by quantity so it is easy to identify the variants which have been most frequently returned to suppliers.

Top N Supplier Returned Variants By Value Report

This report also displays a specified number of variants that have appeared on Supplier Returns, however this report is sorted by value so it is simple to identify the variants that have been returned to suppliers with the highest combined cost.

reportsSystem Tote Information Report

Useful for anyone using Tote Picking on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, this report as a summary shows trollies with the latest tote and the total number of totes. When the detail option is selected, this will show a list of totes for each trolley with a date of when the tote was last used.

Tote Put Away By Tote Report

Another useful report for anyone using Tote Picking, this report shows all picks into a certain tote and the bin location from which the stock came.

Manufacturing Worker Barcode Labels Report

To coincide with the upcoming release of the Manufacturing module on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, this new report is to enable barcoded labels for manufacturing workers to be outputted for the selected labour types.

Manufacturing Equipment Barcode Labels Report

Similar to the above report, this report outputs barcoded labels however these are outputted for manufacturing equipment for the selected equipment types.

With these six new additions, a total of 147 standard reports are now available within OrderWise. By using the OrderWise Reports Wizard or the in-house OrderWise Reports and Layouts team for the creation of more complicated reports, users can always be sure that their specific requirements are reached.

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