New Reports & Layouts Additions

Reporting thumbAs always the OrderWise Reports and Layouts team have been working hard to bring new analytical reports to customers and add further enhancements to help users interpret their business data. This month in version 10.5 of OrderWise, the team have added the 20th new standard report of 2015, updated two previously existing reports and added a simple but useful new enhancement.

Intrastat Arrivals (Imports) & Despatches (Exports) Reports

As a legal obligation, businesses importing and exporting goods in and out of the country need to inform HMRC of the volumes in which this is being done so that the government is able to determine the GDP of the country. A lawful requirement for many businesses, the process of obtaining this information and sending it to HMRC can be incredibly time-consuming with many companies suffering the headache of writing their own reports to fulfil this purpose. OrderWise has taken away this headache for our users this month with major new reporting development added this month to make fulfilling this legal requirement a fast, accurate and simple exercise.

The Reports & Layouts team have spent the last month rewriting the two previously existing OrderWise Intrastat reports to provide any users running this report with more vital information to indicate despatches and credits. These changes mean the report will now add delivery charges, allow for credits, customer and supplier returns and will also determine common NoTC codes. This report is also suitable for the HMRC intrastat offline CSV functionality.

14892 - layout backup fileAutomatic Backup of Layout before Editing

Many companies will take up the task of creating and editing the layouts for all their documentation, ensuring that whatever the purpose, the right information is always detailed. However often businesses can fall into the trap of having staff take an existing layout as the basis for a new one and end up saving over the original instead of saving the edited layout as a separate file.  Staff then have to waste time, redoing work just to get their layouts up to the point where they were previously. Although this problem can be easily resolved by having staff perform a backup of the relevant layout before they begin work, there is no guarantee that staff will remember to perform this process each time.

Now a new enhancement has been added to ensure that each time a layout is opened for editing an automatic backup will be taken. When the Edit Layout option within OrderWise is selected, this will check for the existence of a folder named “backup” within the current layouts directory. If this does not exist, it will attempt to create it. The software will then copy the existing file that is being edited and put it in the folder with a timestamp appended to the name. If this fails, a warning will display to the user but it will not stop them opening the layout in the editor.

This simple but highly beneficial new feature ensures the impact of errors are kept to a minimum and that OrderWise users can edit layouts safe in the knowledge that their hard work will not be lost.

ReportsNew Tote Pick Detail Report

The new standard report addition this month shows users all picks into a certain tote and from where the stock originally came. Once run, the report will display a full history of picks and pick lines that have been placed into the specified tote during the set date range. This report will also allow the user to see only the last pick that was placed into the specified tote.

With this new addition, a total of 152 standard reports are now available within OrderWise. By using the OrderWise Reports Wizard or the in-house OrderWise Reports and Layouts team for the creation of more complicated reports, users can always be sure that their specific requirements are reached.

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