Override Replenishment Quantities In The OrderWise Core System

Stock Replenishment thumbWithout effective handling and monitoring of picking stock levels, pickers will find they are being sent further away to pick stock, having to retrieve stock from high racking or even wait for stock to be brought across from another warehouse.

Therefore many companies will set up replenishment routines, with some bins in which stock is stored for picking and others containing bulk or overflow stock stored in other locations or in more inaccessible high level bins in the same warehouse. By storing picking bins close to packing areas and replenishing from bulk stock to these bins, businesses are able to ensure picking efficiency and productivity.

However it may be a case where a picker arrives at a replenishment bin and there isn’t sufficient stock to fulfil the full requirement. This could be due the stock being damaged or inaccessible and in these instances the picker needs to confirm what has been picked during the replenishment so that the correct quantity can be recorded and stock accuracy maintained as a result.

RP1200_Front MenuReplenishmentDramatically Improve Picking Efficiency With OrderWise Stock Replenishments On Mobile WMS Devices

The OrderWise Stock Replenishment module, which can be used in-conjunction with OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, allows replenishments to be generated so productivity can be fully maximised and pickers can continue utilising the most efficient walk routes when performing routine warehouse tasks.  As part of the Replenishment module available on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, users are able to have assigned replenishment picks sent to their device, directed by best walk route to pick the replenishments using bar code scanning and then sent by best route to place the replenishment stock in the relevant picking bins. When using the Mobile WMS Devices it is a simple task of scanning the item picked and confirming the quantity, if this is less than the replenishment due to damaged stock etc then the reason for the discrepancy can be logged and the picked quantity sent back wirelessly to update the main system, updating the replenishment quantity.

13517 - Edit replen qty AllocationA New Method Of Overriding Replenishment Quantities

Now in version 10.2 of OrderWise, the ability to override the replenishment quantity has been added to the use of replenishment within the main OrderWise system.  As the use of the Replenishment module in the main system would rely on the use of paper picking notes this means that following the picker recording on their replenishment pick note the actual quantity picked, if they are unable to pick the full quantity then the warehouse manager would be able to edit the replenishment quantity to match.  While when updating this via the Mobile WMS Devices any stock allocation made when the replenishment pick is assigned will be automatically handled as part of picking on the device, however when handling this in the main system this will need to be manually amended should the replenishment quantity require changing.

Although the addition of this new functionality adds more flexibility to the use of Replenishments within the main OrderWise system, using OrderWise WMS Mobile Devices is still a much more efficient method for users to manage their stock replenishment requirements. Assigned replenishments can be wirelessly synced to a user’s device, allowing them to make full use of the barcode scanning functionality and up to date information, creating a completely paperless replenishment routine with simple updating of replenishment quantities.

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