Remember To Chase Up Your Quotes By Setting CRM Tasks Within Sales

CRMMaintaining a positive relationship between staff and customers is vital to building a reputable business that encourages return custom. Companies need to ensure they’re always achieving the best level of customer service possible through daily management of open opportunities and continued communication.

As part of day-to-day trading, it is often the case that an open order needs to be revisited at a later date before the final deal is made. The common example of this is sales reps or account managers raising an initial quote and then having to remember to chase it up once it has been raised. In these situations, sales staff need to manage their time effectively and ensure they promptly set reminders for these specific follow-ups. Without a clear and structured way of managing orders that need revisiting, companies may find orders are left on the table and sales opportunities are missed.

Whilst there is a wide range of software and functionality available to companies for effectively managing sales orders and quotes, accessing a sales order processing system to generate quotes or sales orders and then recording interactions or follow ups manually in email calendars or seperate CRM systems can be time consuming and may lead to errors. What’s more, when staff misplace paper reminders to chase or close their orders, they can not only fail to close deals but leave neglected and disgruntled customers to shop elsewhere.

crmAutomatically Create Tasks When Sales Orders/Quotes Are Linked To An Opportunity

OrderWise already provides extensive CRM software, helping companies to maintain strong customer relationships, manage staff time and progress sales opportunities in both a structured and efficient manner. OrderWise CRM provides the tools needed to deliver excellent service and insight into the company’s sales pipeline and now, with the latest version of OrderWise, new functionality means users can automatically create a task when a sales order or quote is linked to an opportunity.

Upon saving a sales order or quote, OrderWise will show the CRM opportunity linked to that order/quote and show the outstanding tasks. The user will then choose the appropriate task, e.g. ‘Follow up quote’, and schedule a timeframe by which the task should be completed. This simple but highly useful new addition removes the worry of having to manually handle follow-ups, ensuring staff can effectively manage their time, revisit sales when needed and ensure sales opportunities are fully maximised.

OrderWise Sales already provides powerful, integrated sales order processing and order management functionality and with this new feature users are provided even greater connection and integration between Sales and CRM functionality, ensuring seamless management of sales orders and achieving excellent customer service levels through automated reminders to chase or close deals. This greater integration and enhanced linking of key OrderWise functionality will provide structured management of the customer relationship and a fast, easy sales progression process.

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