Process SagePay Refunds Through OrderWise

CCPthumbWhen any business is processing a refund for a customer, it is likely that they will ensure sales or customer service staff ask one simple question – “Do you have the card that you originally paid with?”

It’s a situation most of us will have come across at some stage and it is an important way for businesses to ensure that best practice procedures are followed, excellent service is provided and customer refunds are always correctly processed. In most cases where a customer originally paid by card, it is likely that the customer will have that same card on them and will be able to simply receive their refund safely and securely.

However, best practice dictates that refunds should not just be made using the same payment method but ideally also processed against the original payment transaction.  This helps to not only ensure money laundering guidelines are adhered to but makes reconciliation simpler and depending on the card providers can simplify the speed of refund for the customer and limit card transaction fees.

Registered Partners SquaremedEasily Process A SagePay Refund Using OrderWise

Existing functionality within OrderWise already enables users to process a linked or unlinked refund and also select the original payment method or use an alternate payment method when processing a refund in either OrderWise Sales or OrderWise Returns. Although here at OrderWise we offer users the ability to handle card payments through a number of different processors including WorldPay, SecurePay, Verifone Vanguard and more, SagePay is by far the most commonly used by existing OrderWise customers. Therefore extending our refund capabilities in version 10.7 of OrderWise, businesses can now also process SagePay Refunds from within OrderWise through both the Sales and Returns modules rather than having to process the refund separately within SagePay.

When processing a simple Sales Order Credit/Refund users can now select SagePay as the refund method and will have a list of the SagePay payment transactions for the selected customer displayed.  The transaction against which the refund will be processed can then be selected allowing staff to only process a refund up to the value of the original payment transaction.

online card paymentSimple & Structured Management of SagePay Refunds With OrderWise Returns

When processing a refund via the Returns module, if it is a return linked to the original sales order then the payment transactions specifically related to the original sales order will be displayed to ensure the same method is used for the refund.  Again, if this is SagePay then the refund is linked to the original payment transaction and can only be processed up to the same value.  However staff do have the option to process an unlinked refund as genuine situations may arise where the refund method needs to be different to the payment method.

These SagePay refunds will be clearly visible within a company’s SagePay admin console on the SagePay website and where they have been processed against the original payment a clear link will be shown.

With this additional functionality, businesses taking payments within OrderWise via SagePay are provided with the flexibility to now also process refunds within OrderWise also.  This not only allows refund payments to be processed quickly, safely and securely, but also ensures there is a full audit trail held within OrderWise for simpler reconciliation and refund management.

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