Faster Pick Face Refills With New Enhancements To Mobile Stock Replenishments

Mobile WMS DevicesNo matter the size of warehouse operation that a business is operating, holding stock of the same item across multiple storage locations such as bins and racking is fairly common. With stock often distributed across warehouses in this way, it is vitally important to ensure that there are processes in place to keep frequently used pick faces regularly topped up with stock. This is because if staff aren’t regularly instructed to replenish the nearest picking bins, companies will find warehouse workers travelling further and further to pick stock for fulfilling orders, leading to lowered productivity, reduced pickings speeds and longer despatch times.

Providing an effective solution to this problem is the OrderWise Stock Replenishments module, which offers businesses a structured method of managing the replenishment of pick faces from bulk stock locations. Compatible for use with both the main OrderWise system and our Mobile Warehouse Management (WMS) Devices, OrderWise Stock Replenishments delivers the comprehensive functionality to fulfil even the most unique requirements and the flexibility to manage replenishment tasks across multiple warehouses, over mezzanine floors and much more. By efficiently guiding pickers via best walk route to collect stock before instructing them to replenish into the relevant bins, OrderWise Stock Replenishments allows maximum warehouse productivity to continue to be achieved.

Now extending the Stock Replenishments functionality available on our Mobile WMS Devices this month, version 11.6 of OrderWise sees four highly useful new enhancements added.

Fork Lift ReplenishmentChoose What Fields A User Needs To Scan When Completing Replenishment Tasks

Usually the extent to which a business will want to automate the handling of their stock replenishments will often be determined by the level of complexity involved in the process. For example companies managing replenishments across multiple warehouses or floors may want their staff to carefully scan and record every detail of information involved in completing a stock replenishment in order to ensure no mistakes are made and maximum accuracy is achieved. However on the flip side, businesses managing replenishments on a smaller scale may gain greater benefits from having their staff scan less barcodes so these tasks can be completed much faster.

With this being the case, the first lot of new enhancements this month is a number of new controls that have been added to our Mobile Replenishments module to give users the flexibility to carefully determine exactly what staff are required to scan. The first is force scan bin number on pull, which is enabled by default to retain existing functionality. However if a user decides to disable this setting, the bin field will be automatically prepopulated with the bin number that has been allocated for the replenishment, removing the need to scan the bin number at all and saving time.

Worker on HHT2Simpler Tote Management When Performing Replenishments

The second is force scan tote on pull, which again will be enabled by default. However if staff are only normally going to be using one tote or trolley for completing their replenishments, this setting can be disabled so that staff only need to scan the tote on the initial pull. Once scanned, this tote will be retained and used for any subsequent pulls so staff can just focus on scanning the item they need when pulling stock.

That said, if during the process staff do end up filling their tote or trolley and need to open a new one in order to transport all the required stock needed to complete the replenishment, a new allow scanning of totes into variant box setting has also been added to enable users to pick an additional tote to use if their initial one becomes full. Activating this with the force scan tote on pull setting disabled will allow staff to scan a tote barcode into the variant box on their mobile device. If the mobile device recognises the barcode scanned as a valid tote, it will update the tote stored in the form’s header with this new one. Then any items pulled from that point onwards will be added into this new tote, with this process able to be repeated as many times as needed.

Stock Put AwayStreamline Replenishments With Auto-Complete

The final new enhancement enables businesses to reduce their scanning time even further if needed, by allowing replenishments to be automatically placed. With the relevant control activated, the place button will be swapped with a new Auto Place button and when this is ticked, all replenishments which have been successfully pulled will be automatically placed into their corresponding bins, given an end time and marked as completed. What’s more, this Auto Place functionality will even work for serial and batch traced items too as this information is recorded when the item is pulled, allowing even greater efficiency benefits to be achieved.

With the addition of these four new settings, users are provided with greater control over exactly what staff need to scan, allowing a much more automated replenishment process to be created. By adopting these new enhancements, businesses using OrderWise Stock Replenishments on our Mobile WMS Devices are able to massively reduce scanning time and create a faster, more fluid method of managing their refilling of pick faces.

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