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xmas ecommerceFor online traders and multichannel retailers, the busy end of year period is fast approaching as more and more shoppers turn to the internet to find suitable, low cost Christmas gifts for their family and friends. However with the months following September generating so much additional revenue for many businesses, online retailers often don’t realise that they themselves are also spending more at this time of year. With so many online businesses still relying on manual processes, the extra stress put on companies by a greater influx of orders can often lead to more mistakes being made and subsequently additional costs being incurred.

One of the main areas where substantial additional costs can arise is during order delivery. Online businesses will often resort to manually transposing information from multiple online channels over to couriers for fulfilment. When the added pressure of handling larger order volumes is then placed on staff errors can start to occur much more frequently, resulting in more and more failed deliveries. To resolve the delivery failures, businesses are then having to spend more on redeliveries and replacements for lost orders, with future custom also lost through generating poor customer satisfaction levels.

Fragile ParcelJust How Much Is Poor Despatch Processing Costing Online Traders?

In the last month, IMRG has found that these failed deliveries are becoming increasingly costly to online businesses, both reputably and financially speaking. In fact, results found in their Valuing Home Delivery Review has forecasted that the total costs incurred by failed deliveries across multichannel retailers will reach £473 million in 2014. If deliveries from marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Play are included, this total further increases to £771 million. This is a huge amount of money that online businesses are spending on easily avoidable costs.

UK Shoppers Are Now Spending More Money Online Than Ever Before – How Can Online Traders Reap The Benefits And Reduce Costs?

moneyHowever it is not all bad news for online retailers. In a separate study conducted earlier this year, IMRG found that the online market will grow by 17% in 2014, continuing the year-on-year expansion of internet trading. In addition to this, the same study found that online spending by UK shoppers is expected to surpass the £100 billion mark for the first time, with 20% of all retail sales now taking place online.

So for online businesses that wish to capitalise on this increased revenue generated by internet sales in 2014, it is important to have the right online order processing system in place so that fulfilment can be effectively managed, profits maximised and delivery costs kept reduced.

By using OrderWise eCommerce and Courier Integration, online businesses can reap the benefits of a fully automated online order processing solution. Here at OrderWise, we understand how important it is for businesses to provide couriers with the correct information regarding customer delivery details. These third parties are responsible for the fast, secure delivery of customer orders and their failing to achieve this can ultimately have a negative impact on the business through association with poor customer service levels.

creating-your-own-future-439x324OrderWise – The Complete Business Management Solution

To ensure that customer goods are delivered effectively, OrderWise eliminates the need to re-key customer details as orders from multiple online channels are seamlessly imported in to OrderWise to be processed like any other order. Order details are then automatically passed through to the relevant couriers during the despatch process, ensuring that the information being transferred is always correct.

In just the last few months alone, a number of new enhancements have been introduced to these OrderWise eCommerce and Courier Integration to further increase the accuracy and validity of the information being transferred through additional checking procedures. Just some of these new additions have included the ability to import orders from an eCommerce session as paused if an invalid postcode is detected, view the delivery address within the shipping screen and edit the delivery email address within the courier integration area.

eCommerce IntegrationsSeamless Integration With Various Web Shop Providers, Online Marketplaces & Couriers

As well as the new functionality added periodically to these two vital modules, the OrderWise Development team will also introduce new web shop and courier links on a regular basis. Currently, OrderWise integrates with 30+ web shop and marketplace providers including Magento, Bigcommerce, OS Commerce, Shopify, WordPress, eBay, Amazon and more. In addition to this OrderWise integrates with 40+ popular courier services including Royal Mail, MetaPack, ParcelForce, TNT, DHL, FedEx, UPS and more. By offering a wide range of integrations, OrderWise ensures our customers are always able to use our cutting edge software seamlessly with their choice of website providers and couriers.

By using OrderWise, online businesses can achieve full end-to-end business control from automated importation of orders, customer information checks and the accurate transposition of delivery details to couriers. From this online traders can ensure deliveries always reach their intended destination, allowing them to turn their input into the £771 million in failed delivery costs into income from the £107 billion spent by UK shoppers online.

For more information on OrderWise including eCommerce and Courier Integration, download our brochures or watch our videos.

Existing users can head to the OrderWise Online Shop to view the full list of website and courier links available.

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