Easily Redesign The OrderWise Welcome Screen To Suit Your Brand

Specialist Features NEWWhen it comes to choosing a business management software system, companies will want to ensure they get a solution that offers the right functionality to suit their business processes and also the ongoing partnership to support them as they continue to grow. However one element that actually a lot of businesses, in particular the larger organisations, will also be on the lookout for is the ability to customise their software solution to meet their own individual branding. Although it is only a small feature and by no means a top priority for businesses when choosing a solution, having the flexibility to make design adjustments to suit company branding is a nice touch that helps businesses with their ability to display professionalism to both clients and staff.

Here at OrderWise, we already provide users with extensive ways to which they can customise our software to meet their own company branding and business terminology. From choosing the OrderWise colour scheme, font type and size, the ability to add their own company logo to output layouts, set up table/field names in the data dictionary and much more, businesses can ensure that OrderWise offers the software functionality they need under the skin of their own company’s brand. Now a new enhancement has been added in version 11.6 of OrderWise that allows users to completely customise the Welcome Screen that greets them when they open up OrderWise.

Home ScreenBy default the OrderWise Welcome Screen carries the OrderWise logo, a standard background image and useful links that offer quick access to our user Community Pages, the latest OrderWise News, the comprehensive OrderWise Help Guide and a way to contact our team. However if a business wishes to edit any of these images or links, the ability to override the existing default has been added to the System module. By clicking on the new Welcome Screen node within this module, users are able to add their own logo, background image, tagline and up to five website links with accompanying text. Before saving and committing to any changes, users can also preview their amendments to see how their new Welcome Screen will look.

With this simple new feature the ability for OrderWise users to further customise their business management software to suit them has been extended. By being granted complete control over the design of their software welcome screen, companies can again benefit from tailoring OrderWise to meet their own branding and styling.

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