Seven More New Recruits Join The OrderWise Ranks

NovemberGroup350pxIt’ll probably come as no surprise by now that our 2016 recruitment drive has continued this month, with seven recruits joining our Training, Sales and Support departments here at OrderWise. As always these appointments aim to help strengthen the resources available to our customers using OrderWise to manage their daily operations.

As with any new recruits, the first three weeks of their employment was spent learning how to use OrderWise and taking part in activities in our warehouse training facility to gain experience of using our software in a practical environment. The intensive training also involved assessments of knowledge and progress to ensure that a high standard of understanding was being achieved.

With their initial training now completed, each staff member has started settling into their new job role and begun the second stage of training in their respective departments. Officially joining the OrderWise team this month are:

Mark Loudon ThumbnailMark Loudon – Software Trainer

The latest addition to our Training team, Mark will be responsible for training our staff as well as new and existing clients on how to use OrderWise so that they can use our software to its full potential. Coming from a background of IT as well as working for a number of charities and volunteer projects in recent years where he was helping clients to develop new skills, Mark has all the knowledge necessary to succeed in his new role. Outside of work Mark is a self-proclaimed geek, where his hobbies include “answering everything with the number 42, balancing the force and saving the universe from Skeletor”. He is also the proud parent of four bunnies – Jellybean, Bluebell, Misty and Smudge – and if they ever need anything, he’ll HOP right to it. Although if you ever meet Mark don’t ask him about his pets, as he will only RABBIT on!

Darren Sullivan ThumbnailDarren Sullivan – Senior Business Consultant

Joining the Sales team this month is Darren Sullivan, whose role will be to help companies enquiring into OrderWise for the first time to find their ideal solution that meets their business requirements. Having previously worked in Account Management for large organisations such as Vodafone and AVG, Darren knows how to deliver the operational understanding and exceptional customer service that businesses looking into OrderWise expect. In his spare time, Darren enjoys football coaching, Muay Thai and generally “chillaxing”. He is also a big fan of legendary actor Brad Pitt and sees himself as a bit of a doppelganger for the man himself – don’t worry readers, we don’t see it either!

Chris Rylance ThumbnailChristopher Rylance – Client Account Manager   

The newest member of the Client Services Team, Chris will be helping our existing customers to adapt their OrderWise solution so that it can evolve alongside their business as it grows. Much like Darren, Chris also comes from a background in Account Management, having also worked at Vodafone and more recently at payment processing organisation WorldPay. This has provided Chris with the transferable skills that will help him to quickly settle in and succeed in his new role here at OrderWise. When he’s not working, Chris enjoys volunteering, watching films and gaming on his PS4. He also enjoys going to the gym, but only when he can FITNESS into his schedule.

Jordan Parker ThumbnailJordan Parker – Technical Support Adviser

The first of four new members of our Support team, Jordan, joins OrderWise having previously worked as the eCommerce section leader at his local Asda store. This technical understanding and aptitude for good customer service makes Jordan a natural fit for the Technical Support team here at OrderWise.  In his spare time, Jordan has a strong passion for travelling the world, and has friends in Norway and the Netherlands. I’d love to have friends in Holland, WOODEN SHOE?! Jordan says he plans to visit Japan and far too many other places to mention so as you can see, I’ve SAMURAIS-ed it for you.

Lynton Karkach ThumbnailLynton Karkach – Technical Support Adviser

Also joining our Support Department is Lynton, who previously spent three years as a sales assistant at Sport Direct. This customer facing role has made him an ideal person to advise and support customers who are using OrderWise to manage their businesses. Outside of work, Lynton is a huge fanatic of all types of sport and is even a semi-professional football player! So we’re sure Lynton will make a real impact here at OrderWise as he is always ON THE BALL (unlike his favourite team Liverpool).

Diane King ThumbnailDiane King – Technical Support Adviser

Diane joins the Support Team with a wealth of knowledge having previously worked as a sales trainer and account manager at Vodafone for many years. This involved customer contact and well-developed communication skills will serve her well as she settles in to her new role as a Technical Support Advisor. Diane spends most of her free time playing taxi driver for her two children or taking walks with her lovable pooch, Tadd. Diane is also big fan of art and fashion, so we reckon on pay day ARMANI will be getting spent on MONET.

 Dan Mayfield ThumbnailDaniel Mayfield – Technical Support Adviser

The last of our next generation, Daniel becomes the fourth of our new starters to join the ever-growing Technical Support team. Having previously worked as a team manager for Teleperformance, Daniel hopes to use the force and bring his excellent problem solving skills to the table as he boards this new and exciting role within OrderWise. His proven experience in a customer facing position will be of great value in our Support Department. With regards to his hobbies, Daniel enjoys spending his afternoons trekking to the nearest badminton courts for a game or three and is also a huge sci-fi fan. With plenty of other sci-fi fans here at OrderWise, he’s sure to LIVE LONG & PROSPER in his new role!

I am sure you will join all of us here at OrderWise in welcoming our new starters to the OrderWise Family and wishing them all the best in their new roles.