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DespatchFor companies despatching large or amalgamated orders, recording the final dimensions of each consignment as accurately as possible can be vital. When despatching to customers this information becomes integral as businesses begin to arrange transportation for the goods, courier manifests are produced, services selected based on consignment information and vehicle loading is planned.

The pick – pack – ship despatch method in OrderWise enables management and recording of which item is placed into which box or parcel, if items themselves are to be treated as a parcel in their own right and further management if the parcels are either consolidated or palletised.

As packing is finalised and goods are ready to be shipped, the information required to effectively manage delivery via couriers can cover not only customer delivery details but also the weight, volume and dimensions of each consignment.


Often it is the case that the only dimensions available, if any, are those set against the items themselves, rather than the finished packaged goods. If incorrect dimensions are then passed along via delivery and consignment documents, resulting in the potential for unsuitable delivery services being used and overspending occurring.

Companies formalising the packing of products need to make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible. This ensures that regardless of how orders are packed, the dimensions and volumes of the packaged consignment, rather than the pre-packed, can be accurately recorded and used to process delivery requirement effectively.


Packing DimensionsNew development in the 2014 v9.4 release now allows for customers using a pick, pack, ship despatch process to record the height, depth and width within the packing screen. This can be achieved by adding the appropriate fields to the grid within the parcels section of the despatch module. Once pulled into the grid, the dimensions of the parcel can then be added into the relevant field for each measurement or will be prepopulated using the height, width and depth recorded against the packaging material selected. This information will then be used to automatically calculate the parcel volume, another new field which can be added to the grid if needed.

If orders are placed into standard packing materials and shipped as individual parcels then the dimensions configured against the packaging material chosen will ensure correct details are used.  Should stock be placed in non standard or un-quantified packaging, parcels are further consolidated, taped together, palletised or similar, this new feature enables users to record the exact height, width and depth of the overall consignment, with the volume then automatically calculated.

These complete packaged dimensions/volumes can then be used to ensure accurate courier information is provided and can also be made available on documentation if required.  This new feature will not only enable businesses to ensure shipments are handled in the most effective manner but also streamline the packing processes.

For more information on OrderWise Despatch including HHT Picking, Tote Picking and Pack Scan, watch our videos and download the brochures.

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