Quickly & Easily Switch Between Different Currencies In EPOS

EPOSthumbIt is becoming increasingly common for businesses operating in retail and trade counter environments to accept payments from customers in multiple currencies. With passing tourists providing a key market that allows businesses to increase their profitability and maximise their sales, many retailers are starting to offer foreign customers the opportunity to pay in a different currency to their base. To accommodate users operating in this manner, new functionality was recently added in March to allow multiple currencies to be set up and used within OrderWise EPOS, along with three other key enhancements to OrderWise EPOS which you can read about HERE.

14608 - EPOS multicurrency Add Payment ButtonNow in version 10.5 of OrderWise, two more new features have been added to OrderWise EPOS to help provide even greater flexibility and ease of use when trading in multiple currencies.

Button To Limit Payment Methods To EPOS Customer’s Currency

When trading in multiple currencies, it is vitally important for businesses to ensure that all payments are processed both accurately and securely. Therefore it is important that when staff switch to process a transaction in a different currency, the accepted payment methods available to them are limited to just those available for that currency. If payment methods are not controlled in this way, businesses will leave room for errors to occur and can end up reducing service speeds, with many of us experiencing that delay in the queue for the till we can all appreciate how frustrating this can be.

14608 - EPOS multicurrency SelectOrderWise already provides businesses with two safe and reliable payment processors for taking payments in multiple currencies in EPOS, SecurePay and Authorize.Net. Now to give businesses greater control when processing payments in different currencies, a new add payment button has been added to the take payment form in OrderWise EPOS. When this add payment button is pressed, the payment methods which are displayed will be limited to those that match the currency of the EPOS Customer selected. Additionally there is also a new setting that allows businesses to load the add payment screen automatically once a user has entered the take payment screen, further streamlining the process of reaching only the payment options relevant to the customer.

With the addition of this new functionality, businesses can ensure that when processing retail and trade counter payments in multiple currencies, staff errors are kept to a minimum and transactions properly handled.

14607 - Change EPOS default CustomerChange the Default Customer Within EPOS

Another small but useful new enhancement added to OrderWise EPOS this month, users now also have the flexibility to change their EPOS default customer at any time. Now if businesses ever need to quickly update the default customer that will be automatically selected and used within OrderWise EPOS, this can be easily achieved by selecting the relevant record within the default customer account field in system settings.

With these two great new features, the functionality available within OrderWise EPOS has been further extended, providing greater overall flexibility and accuracy for users trading in multiple currencies. By using OrderWise EPOS, businesses are able to ensure their individual trading requirements are met, common retail scenarios are always correctly handled and the best service to customers is provided.

For more information on the OrderWise EPOS module or to find out more about other OrderWise Sales Order processing options including POS (Trade Counter) watch our videos and download the brochure.

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