Quarantine control added to Mobile Put Away

OrderWise HHT Mobile DeviceThe brand new Mobile Put Away module was launched on the OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices only last month in v9.1.  This new module provides a fully structured, accurate and efficient method of handling the put away of stock following goods receipt.  Further enhancement has been made to this new module in the 2014 v9.2 release to make management of quarantined stock during put away easier to control.

Full flexibility and control on the OrderWise HHT Mobile Device

OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Barcode HHTPreviously the Mobile Put Away module allowed users to manage already quarantined stock, where at point of receipt the stock had been identified and already flagged as quarantine status.  The new development now enables a user to quarantine stock during the put away process using the Mobile HHT Device.  When placing stock into bins the user can mark stock as quarantined and if quantities of both quarantined and non quarantined stock are available on the trolley the user will be asked to identify which stock should be adjusted in.

Further details on the Mobile Put Away module on the OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices can be found here.

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