Purchasing has never been easier thanks to latest enhancements

OrderWise Purchasing ModulePurchasing is a core part of any business, therefore it is paramount that the purchasing process runs as smoothly as it possibly can. The OrderWise purchasing module has been built to ensure businesses are able to buy in stock with the greatest of ease, getting the best value from suppliers and achieving the highest levels of efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout each stage of the process.

This month the team here at OrderWise have been keen to find new ways to make purchasing easier and improve the functionality and practicality of our industry-leading stock control and order processing software.

Allocate stock from purchasing

Each business that uses OrderWise will choose the most appropriate method and stage at which to allocate stock to a sales order. Most users will choose to allocate at the point of despatch although some may choose to allocate at the point of sale. However in certain circumstances, particularly where a more manually managed purchase order raising process is used, there can be a need to allocate stock when raising the purchase order itself.

Purchase Order Line AllocationThe 2014 v9.4 release of OrderWise now allows users to allocate a purchase order line to a specific sales order, giving users another point from which to allocate stock to customers. This new functionality can be accessed from within the purchase order entry screen by selecting the line they wish to allocate and then selecting the required sales order number to link to, under the Allocate to order number setting.

A new place to add supplier invoices

Subject to the user group security settings, OrderWise will now enable users to enter purchase order invoices in the purchase activity screen. This new development means companies can now create invoices for purchase orders much more efficiently, with less clicks required to navigate to the Add Invoice option, which was previously only available from within the purchase order history screen.

Avoid mistakes when adding invoices

Another addition to the invoicing options in the purchasing module has arrived in this latest release, with purchase order lines that have already been invoiced now hidden in the add invoice screen.

When adding a detailed purchase order invoice, the option to add invoice lines now includes the ability to filter which purchase order lines are available to add into the invoice. As a default, only lines that are not fully invoiced will be displayed, however users still have the ability to display all purchase order lines. This new development means information presented in this screen is done so in a much more practical and user-friendly way, allowing businesses to avoid adding duplicate or erroneous invoices.

Purchase ActivitySupplier history available in purchase activity

Further enhancement to the purchase activity screen means that supplier order history is now visible. Much like the sales activity screen where a record of a customer’s order history is available, users can now view all orders made with that supplier. This new development further expands the records available within the purchase activity screen, meaning companies using OrderWise have the information available when and where they need it to be at hand.

Include or exclude all?

Users will notice that all lines are ticked to be included when the To Purchase Report is run as a default setting. However for some companies looking to create smaller purchase orders from this report, going through the list and removing lots of unnecessary lines can be very time consuming and reduces the productivity of running the report in the first place.

OrderWise recognised that depending on the business, either including all lines or excluding all lines will be more beneficial to the user. Therefore a new setting has been added to the purchasing user group security settings that allows companies to choose whether or not to include all lines by default. This small setting addition makes the To Purchase Report more versatile and adaptable to each individual business.

This new functionality is also available to all in system reports including the To Manufacture, To Transfer & To Transform reports.

For more information on OrderWise and the Purchasing Module you can download the brochure or watch our videos.

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