Purchase Invoice Activity Screen Added

While it is easy to constantly draw attention to the developments and enhancements made to areas of OrderWise that are used heavily by many staff, new functionality added to areas used more for administration purposes can offer huge benefits to both time and accuracy.

Easy visibility of Purchase Invoices

Purchase Invoice Activity ScreenOrderWise 2014 v9.1 sees a new area added to the Purchasing Module called Purchase Invoice Activity.  Purchase invoices would still be added in the normal manner but as each new invoice is added it becomes available to the Purchase Invoice Activity grid.  This new grid makes the process of searching, reviewing and editing purchase invoices incredibly simple and straight forward. 

Users are able to benefit from all of the powerful grid features available in OrderWise, bringing through relevant fields to then search, filter, query, group, sum, format and more.  Purchase invoice activity can be displayed within the date range chosen, if users enter detailed information where invoices are recorded against individual purchase order line details then when a purchase invoice is highlighted the bottom half of the purchase invoice activity screen will show all purchase order lines associated with the invoice.

Although an area of the system the will probably be used by a small number of people we are sure that for those performing purchase invoice recording and reconciliation tasks this new screen will enhance the ease in which invoices can be found, viewed, edited and managed.

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