Maximise Online Sales By Providing Your Customers With The Right Information

websiteIt has now been almost a year since the OrderWise Commerce Team was first set up in order to deliver a full front-to-back end business management solution and in that time, the team has since grown to over 10 members of staff. This growth has been in line with the ever-extending list of OrderWise customers looking for a stylish and responsive eCommerce website that is not only built to sell but also fully integrated with their back end system. However it is not just the OrderWise Commerce team that has developed over this period but also the OrderWise Commerce Platform itself. Now in addition to the comprehensive functionality that was available at launch, businesses with OrderWise Commerce Websites are able to make full use of a purchasing management system, custom profiles, the ability to offer click and collect, free shipping notifications, favourite lists and much more. You can read more about OrderWise Commerce Websites HERE.

CAD DrawingNow version 11.4 of OrderWise sees the introduction of three more new enhancements to the OrderWise Commerce Platform that have been designed to help further improve the online shopping experience for end consumers.

Introducing Variant Documents

It is common across a number of industries for businesses selling goods online to make useful documents relating to products on their eCommerce website available to customers. For companies selling electronics this may be a technical specification highlighting the features of a certain device, for companies selling furniture it may be easy-to-understand assembly instructions. For businesses selling things such as headphones or car parts, it may even be detailed CAD Drawings outlining the make-up of these products. Regardless of the type of information being stored, businesses will all tend to make documents available for the same reason and that is to help sell their products.

IPad SpecificationMany online shoppers will want to know if an item has the functionality they are looking for and by making things such as technical specifications available to customers, businesses can help customers to locate the right product. By not having the ability to make these documents available, online traders may find visitors to their website are more hesitant to buy products if they are unsure whether an item has the right features they are after or is as easy-to-assemble as they want. Therefore in order to prevent shoppers looking elsewhere and maximising the number of sales getting closed, businesses should always look to make important product documents available on their eCommerce website.

Ensuring this isn’t an issue for OrderWise users, new functionality has been made available to allow documents stored against items within OrderWise to now be seamlessly synchronised with OrderWise Commerce Websites. Thanks to this useful new feature, businesses with OrderWise Commerce Websites can ensure that customers browsing their products always have the information they need to buy with confidence.

Search imageFaster & Easier Searching

When shopping online, customers are driven by convenience and therefore want to be able to find the products they are looking for as quickly as possible. This makes a web shop’s searching capabilities an essential part of ensuring customers receive a first-rate online shopping experience that encourages them to repeat their custom again in the future. Without a good search tool, customers may not be able to find the products they are looking for and therefore continue shopping elsewhere for the items they need. To prevent this from happening, online traders should ensure that their website has an intuitive and intelligent searching facility to help assist the potential customers browsing their website.

With this in mind, the OrderWise Commerce team have this month made improvements to the standard search tool available to users of the OrderWise Commerce Platform. This has included the implementation of a complex stemming algorithm that neutralises the pluralisation of words in both product keywords and user search terms. Additionally, the team have also enhanced the way search terms are treated with new options available to cater for phrase matching, all or part term matching. With these new developments, OrderWise Commerce users can ensure their website visitors can always quickly and easily find the products for which they are looking.

Parcel DeliveryNew Address Lookup

A fast and simple checkout process is what drives many people to buy online, therefore many businesses will be keen to have a website that is rich with features that help facilitate this for their customers. One common feature that a lot of online shoppers will have come across before is the ability to select their desired delivery address from a list of those associated with the postcode they have entered. This not only provides a streamlined checkout process but also gives customers the confidence that their items will reach the right address as they don’t have to manually enter the details themselves and risk errors occurring. However although this is a feature many consumers will have come across before and the benefits of this to helping provide an excellent online shopping experience are clear, it is one that shouldn’t be taken for granted as a lot of eCommerce platforms still don’t have the functionality to be able to provide.

CheckoutHowever this is not the case with the OrderWise Commerce platform as this month sees the introduction of a new Address Lookup facility. Working alongside our pre-existing Postcoder Integration, now when a customer enters their postcode a list of associated addresses will be displayed. Customers can then simply choose the right address from the list and on selection, the relevant fields in the checkout will be automatically populated. Thanks to the addition of this new functionality, businesses with OrderWise Commerce websites can now benefit from allowing their customers to instantly find their address and enjoy a fast, easy checkout.

With these great new additions, OrderWise Commerce platform users can further ensure that their website is built to maximise profitability, meets business objectives and provides an outstanding online shopping experience for all their customers. With all OrderWise Commerce Websites also fully integrated to OrderWise Business Management Software, users can guarantee that the management of their website is kept accurate, simplified and streamlined.

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