Get Your Products Noticed With Google Listings

Google ShoppingIt is by far the most widely used search engine in the world and in recent years many online traders have been looking to Google to help sell their products online through the use of Google Shopping. Formed in late 2012, Google Shopping for many consumers is the place to go to find the best priced items on the market as the service enables users to quickly search for products on multiple online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors. Working like an advertising board for items being sold online, many businesses have seen the value of listing their products on Google Shopping. This has made managing and controlling Google Shopping listings an essential part of online trading for many businesses looking to maximise sales in today’s competitive online market.

Although Google Shopping can help businesses draw attention to their products and services, for many online traders creating, maintaining and updating these listings can be a very time consuming process. Due to the nature of Google Shopping, in the vast majority of cases businesses will also be listing and selling products through their own website, other marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon or indeed all of these channels. Without one central location to manage the listing of products through each of these sales channels and any orders they are generating, businesses can find a lot of staff time is lost switching back and forth between numerous different back office systems. This is not only incredibly efficient but also means increased costs as businesses continue to pay for multiple systems to manage their various listing needs.

eBay and AmazonAlready this year, OrderWise has seen the additions of both eBay and Amazon Listings functionality introduced to our software solution. This extension to our eCommerce and Marketplace Integration offering means that users are now able to effectively manage every single aspect of their online trading, regardless of the amount or number of online channels through which they are selling, directly within OrderWise. This includes everything from product creation and listings, automated order imports and stock level synchronisation, all the way through to transfer of details over to courier services, despatch updates and delivery. What’s more, businesses trading through other sales channels either online or offline can benefit from one single place to manage all of them successfully.

Now extending this comprehensive suite of functionality even further in version 10.8 of OrderWise, businesses are now also able to manage their Google Shopping Listings directly within OrderWise.

Online ShoppingSimple, Structured Management of Google Listings

With OrderWise, listing items on Google Shopping couldn’t be easier. To get started, permitted users simply add their various Google Accounts and FTP details within OrderWise, also specifying the currency that will be used when items from that account are listed.

Once the accounts have been setup, users can then add the various product categories through which they will be trading, simply stating the Google Shopping Category ID and their own description for that category. Once account information has been set up, businesses can then move on to start adding listing details for products.

Full Customisation & Fast Creation

Businesses can create separate listings for an item for each Google Merchant Account they use to ensure the listing is best matched to the local market it serves. A range of Google listing specific information can be configured such as if the item is a Multipack, bundle or a Pre-Order, with the ability to add a release date next to the latter. As standard an item will be listed on Google Shopping for 30 days, however businesses have the flexibility to state an early removal date, giving users the option to have their listing appear for a shorter period of time.

google listingsBusinesses then have flexible control over which stock location is used in the available stock figures, specifying either one stock location in particular to use or simply include all stock locations in the calculated stock figure. A price list can then be applied to the listing with the option to also have all current special offers exported too to offer customers even greater value.

Easily Add Multiple Items With Import Functionality

The final thing users will need to do then is add their listing details, with the flexibility to add as much or as little product information as is required. Within this section businesses can specify the information Google allows including colour, size, description, age group, gender and more, as well as their own unique product information category details.

To make this process even faster and easier, there are also two new data imports that have been made available to assist in setting up the data required to list items on Google Shopping. These two imports allow users to add multiple Google Listings and Google Listing details en-masse against existing variants within OrderWise, meaning businesses can rapidly get their items set up and ready to list within OrderWise. Once businesses have set up all their items they wish to list, they can then head over to the OrderWise eCommerce module where they can easily manage all their items for Google Shopping from a one-view grid, simply hitting the “List” button for when they wish to export their listing to Google.

Online Shopping2OrderWise – The One Solution For All Your Online Listings

With the addition to Google Shopping Listings, businesses can now use OrderWise as the one central location to manage all aspects of trading across their online sales channels. From product creation and listing for eBay, Amazon and Google through to timed order imports and full despatch management, OrderWise provides the comprehensive, automated management businesses need to manage their online trading both efficiently and effectively.

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