Book In The Right Products Every Time With Purchase Order Attachments

PurchasingWhen goods arrive in from suppliers, businesses will always strive to ensure that warehouse staff log their arrival as accurately as possible, noting the correct quantities against the right products based on what is expected to arrive. With any discrepancies regarding the goods that have actually arrived to the stock originally ordered also recorded, businesses can ensure that stock levels are maintained as accurately as possible with any necessary debits raised and suppliers chased accordingly. However for businesses receiving bespoke components for manufacturing works orders or bespoke products that have been ordered from manufacturers and are due to be sent straight out to customers on a back-to-back order basis, warehouse staff not having the right information at the point these are booked in from suppliers can cause problems down the line.

This can be particularly prevalent for companies managing clothing with embroidered logos, signage containing customised branding and promotional merchandise where it is vitally important that the products match the designs agreed with the customer. If the components or products that arrive from suppliers aren’t correct and warehouse staff continue to book these items into stock, it can delay the returns process. This can then subsequently cause delays to manufacturing timescales or order fulfilment, resulting in unnecessary costs being incurred and customers left dissatisfied. Therefore it is important that businesses managing the booking in process for these bespoke items ensure that warehouse staff have all the information and visual aids they need to ensure the products they are receiving are exactly what have been ordered.

SCM2View Purchase Order Line Attachments At Goods In

Solving this problem in version 10.11 of OrderWise, businesses now have the functionality available to output purchase order attachments such as artwork and specification details from within the Goods In module. With the relevant setting activated, warehouse staff now have full visibility of purchase order line attachments within the Order Search, Order Line Search, Direct Goods In, GRN History and Book In Selected screens in the Goods In Module.

Thanks to this highly useful new functionality, businesses using OrderWise can ensure a greater level of accuracy is achieved when booking in bespoke items that are arriving from suppliers. By providing warehouse staff with the useful reference points they require, businesses can ensure that the right items are booked in, no delays are invoked and all orders for customised products are always correctly fulfilled.

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