Faster Processing Of Items That Are Stored In Multiples But Sold Individually

Mobile WMS DevicesBusinesses are always looking to improve their warehouse operations, ensuring daily processes are kept streamlined, stock levels maintained correctly and orders quickly fulfilled. However, for businesses purchasing and selling items as singles but receiving, storing and picking them in boxes of multiples, it can be particularly difficult to prevent processes from becoming slowed and held stock levels to be kept accurate. The reason for this is because although businesses are handling and processing these items in the boxes of multiples, they still need to be recorded on the individual item level as being received and sold.

This results in staff unproductively having to open these outer boxes and manually counting each single item as it arrives, as it is handled in the warehouse and as it is being picked. Even if barcode-scanning technology is being used, scanning these items one-by-one makes for an incredibly inefficient and time-consuming exercise. Not only that, but it also leaves room for item quantities to be inaccurately recorded upon arrival and orders to be picked incorrectly upon despatch. Therefore, without a structured method of managing stock being handled in this way, businesses can find themselves struggling with slower warehouse work rates, inaccurate stock levels and bottlenecks occurring at both put away and despatch as all their processes take that bit longer than they should.

Worker on HHT1Enhancing Warehouse Speed And Accuracy

Already improving tasks such as the booking in, moving and picking of stock are OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices. 1D & 2D barcode-scanning devices that come with their own suite of software, these handheld terminals provide businesses with the virtue of enhanced speed and accuracy, which are vital ingredients for achieving effective, paperless warehouse management. You can find out more about our Mobile WMS Devices on our dedicated page HERE.

Now extending the functionality available on our Mobile WMS Devices in version 11.9 of OrderWise, multiple new enhancements have been added to enable these devices to offer more structured handling of single items that are booked in, moved and picked in boxes of multiples.

This has been facilitated through the ability to now use a Mobile WMS Device to scan the EAN code on the box of multiples to update the quantity with the associated figure when receiving, moving or picking stock. For example, if a user scans two boxes containing 100 single items each, then 200 will be added to the quantity on the mobile device. This way when large numbers of single items need to be booked in, moved or picked, staff using our Mobile WMS Devices just have to accurately scan each outer box to get the correct quantity they need both quickly and easily.

Work SmarterFast Handling Of Expiry Dated Products

Businesses handling expiry dated products can also benefit from this new functionality, thanks to another new enhancement that allows the booking in process to be streamlined even further. By activating the new setting to repopulate the expiry date, scanning to book in an expiry traced product will look for the last used expiry date for the same item on the purchase order and automatically populate the expiry date field with the correct information. This means that even if the product has an expiry date, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices don’t have to resort to scanning items one-by-one in order to record the vital information they need.

By using these enhancements to create much speedier booking in, moving and picking processes, OrderWise users handling large quantity boxes of single items are able to further enhance their operations through greater efficiency. What’s more by generating a faster despatch process and greater stock accuracy, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices can ensure performance and productivity are always fully optimised.

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