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Business IntelligencethumbFor many businesses, it can be a constant struggle to teach and train staff to maximise all their sales opportunities, ensuring they have the knowledge required to ensure that this is achieved. However it can often be a case where simply presenting staff with the right information on a customer can go a long to helping them generate sales with greater profitability. Although giving staff the right information on customers sounds easy, actually gathering this information and ensuring they have this available to hand when needed is where a lot of businesses can fall short.

The challenge businesses face is enabling sales staff to have a real insight into customer buying habits so that they can get the most out of sales, without going through the time consuming process of gathering data. Often the only way for businesses to gather the information they need is to go through multiple different systems and databases in order to produce a report that will ultimately become outdated quite quickly. Therefore by giving staff the ability to quickly and easily view key data and draw meaningful conclusions, businesses are able to effectively target customers and ensure they are getting the most out of each and every sale.

identify the target personTarget Customers & Increase Profitability With OrderWise

OrderWise already knows everything about the business it is serving – every sale, every customer, every transaction, every margin and much more. Now thanks to a fantastic new enhancement added in version 10.5 of OrderWise, users are now provided with fast, easy access to this wealth of data from within the Sales module.

The OrderWise Business Intelligence module provides companies with the tools to unlock the full potential of each sale, providing a full history of each customer’s spending habits. More dynamic than even the most detailed reports, the OrderWise Business Intelligence module allows up to the minute customer data to be viewed, segmented, filtered and manipulated from a variety of entry points for detailed analysis. Now sales staff can access and dissect this information with a simple click of a button, allowing a more proactive approach in how this information is used.

BI Customer List ButtonQuickly Access Customer Business Intelligence Grids

On the customer list screen within the Sales module, a new Business Intelligence button has been added to the toolbar. It is a drop-down list with two options: Invoiced and Sold. Each of these options then has a further three options to choose from: Categories, Products and Variants. Once the chosen combination has been selected, the corresponding Business Intelligence grid for the customer currently highlighted on the customer list will be opened.

With this great new enhancement, OrderWise users can reap the benefits of being able to provide their sales staff with quick access to a wealth of information on customers, without the need to switch between areas. This gives them the invaluable knowledge of knowing which customers to contact and where additional sales will originate. Also when combined with the ability to display customer specific KPI dashboards (which you can read about HERE), companies using OrderWise can always ensure that key customer information that is simple to analyse and easy to interpret is always available when needed.

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