Proactive Management Of Customer Credit Control With OrderWise CRM & Accounts

AccountsFor businesses that are required to manage customer accounts, it is important to have a structured method of managing the relationships with these customers in place. With more proactive management of customer spending required, it is important for companies to know when exactly they need to be contacting customers, carefully recording these interactions and remaining well organised. For these reasons, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Credit Control often go hand-in-hand as businesses strive to keep tight control over their finances by tracking customer payments.

Although inevitably linked, businesses can often find that controlling customer credit isn’t always a straight-forward process. This is because many companies are working from separate Accounts packages and CRM systems that will require information to be manually transferred across to Account Managers at the right time so that they know exactly who they need to contact and why they need to contact them. This is not only time consuming and runs the risk of errors occurring as details are transposed, but also means that customers overdue with their payments may end up getting missed and not being contacted altogether.  Not only does this have an immediate detrimental impact on cash flow but if customer payment is not chased and received then additional orders will be lost.

Solving this problem in version 10.11 of OrderWise, a number of new features have been added that enables businesses using both the OrderWise Accounts & CRM modules to benefit from greater integration between these two modules. This has been facilitated by several new additions to the OrderWise Accounts module.

Account CreditEasily Raise New CRM Opportunities From Within Accounts

The first new feature means that it is now possible to create CRM Opportunities for customers from the Customer Credit Control tab via the New Opportunity button. This enables one-click creation of a new CRM opportunity as when pressed, a new opportunity will be added for the selected customer. Users are also able to configure the default CRM track that is used for this action by setting a Credit Control Track within system.

The second new addition is a CRM Tasks grid that has also been added to the bottom of the Customer Credit Control tab. This area displays all scheduled tasks that are linked to any CRM Opportunity on the Credit Control Track, offering clear visibility of all current opportunities. From this grid, opportunities can also be edited and activities added using the designated buttons.

Thanks to this great new functionality, businesses using both the OrderWise CRM and OrderWise Accounts modules can benefit from streamlined customer account handling that is both fast and accurate. By using OrderWise, businesses can see that having a fully integrated solution provides effective customer account management that delivers results.

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