Easily Manage Forward Order Pricing & Scheduled Order Amendments

Sales thumbBeing able to meet customer requirements is essential to achieving high customer service levels and obtaining returned business, however managing these effectively isn’t always a straight forward process. One situation that is not uncommon in all kinds of trading environments is businesses raising forward sales orders, either for a regular and repeated requirement a customer has each month, week or every few days or for customers simply placing orders for the next season.

Raising sales orders in advance does present its own set of obstacles that businesses will need to overcome. For example situations can often occur where a customers’ requirements will change, a scheduled repeat monthly order they have may need increasing to every 2 weeks during a seasonal peak as they cater for higher demand. Therefore in order to secure customer loyalty, businesses need to ensure they have a simple and effective method of updating the frequency of repeat orders when and where it is required. If such a way of working is not put in place, businesses can find themselves failing to achieve optimum customer service levels and losing customers as a result.

price_increaseAnother aspect of raising forward sales orders that needs to be carefully managed is product pricing. With many businesses employing time limited special offers and discounts, companies need to decide whether the price offered to the customer will be based on the order creation date or forward order date, as each business will want this handled differently. Some companies will want to ensure that only special offers and discounts in effect on the forward order date will be applied as current promotional pricing may not be financially viable in the future, while others will agree the order based on current pricing regardless of when the customer requirement falls.

To manage these commonly occurring situations and the challenges they present, two new enhancements have been added in version 10.5 of OrderWise to give users the tools they need to manage account customer order frequency and pricing applied to sales orders raised in advance.

14232 - Edit scheduled orderEdit Scheduled Sales Orders

OrderWise already provides businesses with the ability to schedule sales orders in order to effectively manage customers placing recurring orders on a regular basis. Adding to this functionality, scheduled orders can now have their details edited after the scheduled order has been created. Now should any or indeed all of the details regarding a customer’s schedule details require updating, businesses now have the ability to edit all fields, except for the specified first delivery date, found within the schedule tab. This allows businesses to quickly and simply change the frequency at which sales orders are raised with account customers and easily accommodate any changes to their requirements due to seasonal peaks or any other changes.

14983 - Calc price using SO dateRecalculate Sales Order Price

To give businesses the flexibility to manage sales order pricing the way they need it to be handled, a new system setting has been added to allow users to recalculate price based on the sales order date. Once activated the pricing applied to items within a sales order will be based on the price that will be in effect on the order date set.  So when creating a forward order, any discounts, offers or price lists that have start and end dates will only be applied if they are active on the order date set. This setting will also apply to sales orders imported via eCommerce.

With the addition of this new functionality, OrderWise users are able to easily meet changing account customer requirements, with the flexibility to also ensure that the right pricing is applied to sales orders raised in advance. This allows businesses to secure customer loyalty through providing high service levels while also maximising their sales and profitability.

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