Save Time With Your Price Updates With This New Feature

SalesFor some businesses sending new prices to customers may be a weekly occurrence, for others it may simply be a one-time annual price update at the start of the new financial year. Although the frequency at which new prices are introduced will vary from company to company, price updates are something that every business needs to be able to manage effectively. However the problem is that for a lot of businesses, updating prices can be a very time-consuming exercise. This is because many businesses will be operating with multiple active price lists for different types of customers, while others may also have large customer bases or be trading in multiple different currencies which they need to consider too.

price_increaseThis leads to a long, drawn-out price update process as businesses only have the resources available to update price lists one at a time. If these updated price lists then also have to be emailed individually out to customers, this further elongates the whole process. Therefore in order to streamline the generation of new prices and the distribution of these out to customers, companies should ensure that they have the ability to update multiple price lists at a time so that they can manage this process both as easily and as efficiently as possible.

Within OrderWise, businesses are already presented with comprehensive functionality for organised price management. This includes the ability to set up and manage multiple price lists in various currencies, customer discount structures, quantity breaks, multisaver discounts such as buy one get one free and much more. However now a brand new enhancement has been made to the Customer Price List Report already available within OrderWise, which enables businesses to recalculate price lists and output this updated information, with users now able to run this report simultaneously for multiple different customers at a time.

Value PriceBenefit From Simple & Effective Price List Management With OrderWise

To facilitate this, a new Generate Price Lists treeview node has been added within the Sales module which, when selected, will open a form where businesses can choose which variants to include, the date to calculate prices for and also which customers to include. Alternatively, users can also right click on the grid where they also have the option to include all customers in the report. Once the user has chosen which customers to include, selecting the Run and Output button will generate the price lists for the required date and output the data in the user’s chosen format whether that is an email, PDF document or a print out.

Thanks to this great new functionality, OrderWise users can now benefit from fast and simple distribution of their updated price lists to multiple customers through simply running the new Customer Price List Report one time. By using this new feature to their advantage, businesses can ensure that regardless of how often they are updating their price lists, whenever they need to complete this process they can do so both smartly and efficiently.

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