Postcode Validation Added To eCommerce Sessions

OrderWise eCommerce IntegrationFor businesses who take sales orders through websites, web shops and marketplaces, it is important to have the right system in place to manage orders coming through multiple online channels. Due to the automated nature in which online orders are received, often with minimal staff involvement in the processing, companies need to ensure that all required details are accurately and correctly recorded against the order when imported.

When handling any order whether online or not, one of the most vital pieces of information that needs to be taken is address details for both billing and delivery. Although many prominent online channels already have validation checks in place to confirm this essential information as it is entered during the ordering process, there can be cases where such checks are not in place, address details are incorrectly verified or erroneous postcodes are entered. If the relevant automated checks aren’t in place, businesses will find themselves wasting time through having to manually check imported orders, despatching these orders to the wrong addresses, dealing with increasing numbers of returns and ultimately lowering their service levels and increasing costs.

11509 - eCom Import as paused postcode not matchNew Feature Enables Additional Postcode Checks On Online Orders

With these situations in mind, a new enhancement has now been added to eCommerce session importation to ensure orders are imported as paused if an invalid postcode is detected. This new feature can be activated by turning on the eCommerce session advanced setting found against the import setup tab labelled import orders with invalid postcodes as paused.

Once this setting has been initialised, it will be applied to the statement postcode and delivery postcode if the statement country code is set to either UK, GB or no country code is present. If the postcode fails to validate by meeting the correct postcode format, a warning will be added to the eCommerce log and the order type will be set to paused. This functionality is not checking the existence of the postcode itself but that the format matches that of a UK postcode.

With the addition of this new eCommerce setting, businesses using the OrderWise eCommerce module are able to benefit from additional postcode checks on imported orders, ensuring comprehensive, automated management of orders coming in through various online channels.

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