Auto Populate Batch Numbers for Transfers Goods In

DespatchFor businesses housing products across various locations, the ability to efficiently transfer stock between their branches, warehouses and depots is a necessity. Full visibility of stock across each site is required so that companies working from multiple locations are able to move stock around accordingly in order to meet demand. If stock levels for an item in one location cannot keep up with requirements in order to capitalise on all sales opportunities, the ability is needed to transfer stock from another location that has a surplus as this offers a more efficient and cost-effective method of obtaining goods compared to purchasing.

Transfer Batch Traced Stock Effectivelydelivery man

When receiving goods via such stock transfers, it is important to quickly log their arrival and get them into the correct stock locations so that customer orders can be fulfilled as quickly as possible and sales maximised. To this end, fast, efficient and streamlined processes are required.

However if products are batch and serial traced, booking in transfers can take longer as staff have to manually record this important information on arrival. If managed correctly, these details would have already been recorded when originally booked into stock at the previous location, meaning the business handling these items should already have this information stored. Therefore in order to save time and increase accuracy, it is beneficial for companies handling the movement of traced stock between locations to have these automatically transferred as part of the process.

Full End-To-End Traceability With OrderWise

As standard OrderWise supports multiple stock locations, along with multiple bins, and provides full end-to-end stock traceability for either single products using serial numbers or groups of products using batch numbers.

DespatchTransfers 300pxAdditionally with the OrderWise Stock Transfers module, businesses are able to effectively managethe process of transferring and transporting stock between multiple distribution centres, warehouses, depots and branches. OrderWise Stock Transfers provides users with full visibility of their stock as it is moved internally and utilises the goods in and despatch processes to record each transaction and their associated costs.

Save Time With Automatically Populated Serial & Batch Numbers

Now new functionality added in Version 12.1 of OrderWise enables the required ‘Stock In’ forms to be auto-populated with relevant batch and serial numbers when transferring goods to another location. With the newly available settings activated, upon booking goods in OrderWise will pull through the existing batch, serial and expiry date information of the items being transferred from the relevant transaction. This will then present the user with an already populated ‘Stock In’ form so they can check all the batch and serial numbers of the items they are booking in are correct.

Thanks to the addition of this new feature, OrderWise users will be able to save time when transferring serial and batch traced products by having these vital details automatically prepopulated. This will help reduce errors and ensure accuracy in the recording of both batch and serial numbers, offering more robust end-to-end traceability and effective product recall capabilities for transferred stock.

You can read more about the OrderWise Stock Transfers module on our dedicated page HERE.

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