Pick Orders Even Faster With New Pick Amalgamation Feature

OrderWise HHT Mobile DeviceFor companies taking high volumes of orders, it is not uncommon that businesses will often try and save time by assigning a picker to multiple orders at once. Although assigning picks in this way allows for quicker fulfilment of orders upon pick completion, without the right system in place time spent actually picking the goods can often be increased. With pickers handling greater quantities of stock, it is important that the picking process is made as streamlined and organised as possible.

Barcode scanning technology will often be implemented to allow pickers to quickly pick items for multiple orders whilst carefully managing which stock is for which order. This may be achieved with the use of separate totes or trollies for each order. Although both organised and efficient, there are additional factors that also need to be taken into consideration in order for rapid picking speeds to be reached.

Rapidly Pick Orders with OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices

Pickers firstly need to be assigned to the right orders based on their abilities, with licences to handle certain equipment, maximum weight restrictions and the stock location they are based in taken into consideration when tasks are assigned. It is also important that the number of scans needed to complete a pick are kept as low as possible, with items being picked for multiple orders often incurring additional scans and therefore reducing picking speeds.

Picker Pick Rules DespatchIn version 9.6 of OrderWise, a brand new Pick Rules feature has been introduced to allow users to set up tailored criteria for their pickers in order to determine which staff member is best suited to which task. You can read about this new feature HERE.

To coincide with the new Pick Rules plugin, it is now possible to amalgamate pick lines in version 9.6 of OrderWise. Just like the Pick Rules feature, this new functionality has been built for our OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices, allowing the amalgamation of picks to be used with the Mobile Picking module and requires Pick Rules to be licenced.

Once activated, a HHT Mobile Device user can be assigned a group of orders and can pick all orders at once. When using amalgamated picking, a picker will scan and collect the quantity from a bin based on the total across all orders they are assigned, rather than scanning and entering the quantities picked order by order. By satisfying all orders at once with less scans required to complete a pick, businesses using OrderWise Pick Rules and HHT Mobile Devices are able to ensure maximum picking speeds are reached at all times.

Mobile Barcode ScanningPack Scan for Amalgamated Picks

To accommodate this new way of picking stock, the pack scan screen has also been modified in version 9.6 of OrderWise. For businesses using the pick, pack, ship method of despatch, at the end of an amalgamated pick the new pack scan screen will appear which will allow the HHT user to scan each item individually from the amalgamated orders.

With the introduction of this new amalgamated picks feature, businesses can take their warehouse efficiency to new heights, allowing pickers with OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices to satisfy all orders in one go by collecting the required quantity of an item across all orders.

For more information on how OrderWise HHT Mobile Devices can help businesses to effectively manage warehouse operations download our brochures or watch our videos.

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