Pick From Replenishment Stock When Pick Faces Are Empty

DespatchFor businesses handling large volumes of orders and quickly turning around stock, it can be a constant challenge to keep pick faces stocked.  Space constraints can mean simply having more available in pick face bins is not an option so companies will also have stock replenishment routines implemented into their warehouse to keep picking bins regularly stocked. However there are occasions where certain items may simply be picked and despatched too quickly that all picking stock locations are temporarily left empty.

Common examples of this could be during seasonal spikes where picking stock for certain items is depleted more quickly or when staff illness/holidays result in replenishment tasks being delayed. In these instances, businesses will want the flexibility to send pickers directly to bulk stock locations or replenishment bins to collect the stock that they require as a last resort and will need to notify pickers when this is the case. This ensures that disruption to despatch processing is kept to a minimum, picking staff are kept productive and orders continue to be picked in the fast-moving warehouse environment.

Bulk StockUnmatched Warehouse Management Credentials

OrderWise already provides businesses with extensive stock and warehouse management functionality, including the ability to effectively and efficiently control stock replenishments in a structured, organised manner, either in-system or via OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices.

Now a new feature added to OrderWise in version 9.10 further extends these warehouse management credentials, with users now able to allow bulk replenishment stock to be used as picking stock as a last resort. Existing users of OrderWise Stock Replenishment can simply take advantage of this feature by activating a System Setting within Allocations and flagging the replenishment bins they wish to use in this way.

12240 - Fallover Picking Bin - BinUse Fallover Picking Bins As A Last Resort

Once a fallover picking bin has been created, this will be used as a last resort when picking. Stock will be automatically allocated and picked from a replenishment bin that is flagged as a fallover bin once all other available stock has been exhausted from designated picking bins. This is the case whether pickers are working in-system or via Mobile WMS Devices.

With the introduction of this new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Stock Replenishment have the assurance that once all picking stock has been taken, staff are automatically sent to fallover picking bins to collect the goods required to despatch an order. This ensures there is no disruption to the picking process and maximum warehouse efficiency can continue to be achieved even at times of high picking demand.

The benefits provided by the Stock Replenishment functionality can be further extended when used in conjunction with our industry leading Mobile Warehouse Management Devices, providing an entire suite of cutting edge, barcode orientated and comprehensive wireless warehouse management tools.

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