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OrderWise eCommerce IntegrationOnline platforms offer businesses unmatched levels of exposure, providing a “shop window” where a global audience can easily view and purchase their products. Taking orders online has helped many companies to achieve great success over the years, with more and more of even the most ardent supporters of traditional wholesale and retail methods beginning to trade online.

This rapid growth in the online market driven by the convenience, efficiency and ease-of-use offered by purchasing online means that even those business operating both on and offline channels now find their online sales have become a greater source of revenue than established, traditional sales routes.

eCommerce IntegrationsHowever, for companies both large and small, many owners, managers and decision makers can still find the whole area of eCommerce integration, with back office systems and processes, difficult to grasp.  Although many will understand the principles, for the majority the technical aspects will require the skills of other specialist companies or individuals.

Take your business online with OrderWise website and marketplace integration

When selecting and handing over responsibility for managing what is a major revenue stream for a company there will usually be two major areas of focus – the capabilities of the Business Software to meet requirements and the experience the company providing this has in managing and delivering eCommerce integration with the online sales channels being used.

The extent of our capability and pedigree is highlighted with recent figures showing that every day OrderWise handles over 2,000,000 eBay data call requests for our customers. This covers calls for order downloads, stock updates, despatch notifications, price updates and more.  These figures are for eBay alone, with many clients also integrating with multiple websites, Amazon and other online channels.

The OrderWise eCommerce Module is designed to provide seamless, flexible and comprehensive import/export of electronic data between OrderWise Business Software and required online channels, whether that be to a website, shopping cart, marketplace (eBay, Amazon, Play), EDI, ftp location and much more. What’s more our dedicated eCommerce integration team have a wealth of experience with integrations already performed with over 30 web platforms and a huge number of our 750+ customer base already using OrderWise eCommerce.

Online IntegrationWhether your business deals solely with online sales or also sells via traditional channels, OrderWise eCommerce means there is one central system for all of your stock control and sales order management needs.  The most common eCommerce integration requirements are:-

Sales Order Download

Sales orders from online channels are automatically imported into OrderWise removing the need for order rekeying and manual processing. These downloaded orders are instantly visible in Despatch for fast picking and fulfilment, as well as triggering any purchasing or works order requirements.

Stock Level Synchronisation

Available stock levels constantly change as orders are received via online and offline channels and new stock is received. Current stock levels can be automatically updated across all channels to reflect constantly changing stock availability.  Overselling and manual stock updates can be eliminated.  Companies selling kitted/bundled and manufactured products can also have stock levels updated based on how many can be made from the component stock.

Order Despatch Update

Business ResultsAs orders are shipped this updated order status can be sent back to the online channel to keep customers informed on the status of their order, reducing inbound order enquires and providing a great buying experience.  When combined with OrderWise Courier Integration this can also provide customers with tracking links to follow their delivery progress.

Price Synchronisation

Changes made to prices in OrderWise can be synchronised with online channels to ensure prices are updated automatically across the board.  This enables fast reaction to price changes helping margins to be maintained and businesses to stay competitive.

Although these are examples of some of the most common eCommerce Integration requirements, our dedicated eCommerce team are able meet an extensive range of integration requirements and meet complex bespoke needs.

For more information on OrderWise including eCommerce website and marketplace integration, download our brochure and watch the videos.

To discuss your requirements in more details contact us today on 01522 704083

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OrderWise eCommerce is able to link with a wide range of off-the-shelf, open source and bespoke website, webshop and shopping cart platforms, along with other popular marketplace channels. Below is a list of just some of the platforms we have integrated with:-




Rakuten Play.com

Channel Advisor

OS Commerce






EKM Powershop

Zen Cart

X Cart

Cube Cart

CS Cart


Big Commerce


ClickCart Pro



Open Cart



SellerDeck (Formerly Actinic)

For more information on OrderWise including eCommerce website and marketplace integration, download our brochure and watch the videos.

To discuss your requirements in more details contact us today on 01522 704083

Release Notes Newsletters Arrange Demo Brochure Videos