Organise Your Delivery Methods With Customer Delivery Groups

Sales thumbFinding the best way to effectively manage and organise customer delivery methods can be quite a challenge for many businesses. For companies using numerous different couriers and shipping to multiple countries across the globe, they can end up with hundreds of different delivery methods. Attaching the right one to a sales order then becomes time-consuming as staff have to manually filter through all these delivery methods in order to find the right one to apply, many of which could be irrelevant to the customer based on their location.

Existing functionality within OrderWise already provides users with a method of limiting the amount of delivery methods available. Setting up delivery groups are a great way of grouping together delivery methods that relate to specific customer types e.g. customers in Europe can only be offered delivery services from selected couriers.

12436 - Delivery Group Customer DefaultNew Enhancement To Easily Control Which Delivery Methods Apply To Which Customers

However whereas in previous versions of OrderWise users could only assign delivery groups to delivery addresses, new functionality added in version 10.1 now enables users to set default delivery groups against customer records and customer defaults. Once a default delivery group has been set, only the delivery methods of those in the delivery group will be listed within a sales order for that customer, allowing for simple management and easy application that ensures the correct delivery options are always used.

The flexibility still remains to set a delivery group against a delivery address should some customers have locations where different options apply.  OrderWise eCommerce users can also greatly benefit from this new addition as customer defaults can be set up against eCommerce sessions, therefore when orders are imported from that session a default delivery group can be automatically applied.

With this great new functionality, businesses using OrderWise can benefit from simple, flexible control over which delivery methods apply to which customers through multiple ways of applying delivery groups. In addition to this online retailers can benefit from further automation when importing orders into OrderWise, ensuring customers coming through eCommerce sessions are attributed to the right delivery methods.

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