New OrderWise CRM Delivers Improved Usability & Mobile App Functionality

CRMIt’s vital for businesses to build and maintain strong relationships with their customer base and it’s important to have a structured method of managing these relationships in place. To this end, CRM systems are an efficient way for businesses to manage their customer interactions, tasks to be undertaken, and more. However with many businesses choosing to deploy standalone CRM solutions that aren’t linked to their back office Sales, Marketing and Reporting systems, having all the right information available for effective pipeline management can prove difficult.

Working in this way, businesses can find staff having to pull information from multiple sources and platforms in order to confidently progress sales opportunities and projects. In addition companies deploying standalone CRM systems end up paying for multiple solutions instead of one, adding on costs rather than maximising profitability.

Introducing The All New OrderWise CRM

With the new OrderWise CRM, businesses are provided with the ideal solution for maintaining positive customer relationships and for targeting the right customers and prospects at the right time, in order to build stronger, more profitable relationships.

Unlike most CRM systems, OrderWise CRM is not a stand-alone application. Instead it is fully integrated with the main OrderWise Business Management Software, providing a complete workflow management tool and central hub for all customer interactions, ensuring your business can grow without the need to increase overheads. OrderWise CRM can be configured and customised to match the needs of each role or department within the business, ensuring the right information is captured and prescribed workflows are followed effectively.

CRM a 500pxBenefit From Advanced Workflow And Pipeline Management Tools

By selecting a company defined track, be it for managing new sales enquiries, account management, projects or services, OrderWise CRM offers your staff one central place for managing all their customer activities both accurately and efficiently within your own defined procedures. Using the simple drag and drop functionality, staff can move opportunities along their CRM pipeline as they progress, allowing for structured management and analysis during each stage. Workflow, activity and pipeline management tools focus staff on who they should be contacting, when and why, giving them access to all the vital information they need, such as outstanding quotes and current stock levels, for effective prioritisation and conversion.

Through the inbuilt calendar, OrderWise CRM allows clear visibility of an individual or department schedule by day, by week and by month. With Outlook Calendar integration to keep this accurately and automatically updated, as well as the ability to view appointments only or all arranged activities, businesses can ensure that sales staff time is well organised and appointments aren’t missed.

Harness The Power Of An Effective Lead Generation & Sales Cycle Built On Data Integration

But that’s not all. The newly improved OrderWise CRM has also been specially designed to offer the same highly useful sales tools both in-system and on the OrderWise App, allowing staff to keep on top of their sales pipeline from their desk and out-on-the-road. By utilising the OrderWise App, users will have quick and easy access to all the same functionality available with the desktop version of OrderWise CRM, giving the added benefit of being able to conduct business anywhere, anytime.

CRM 4 350px

However, the real power of OrderWise CRM comes when combined with OrderWise Marketing, Business Intelligence and BI Alerts for even further efficiency and profitability benefits. From within the Marketing Campaign results grid, you can see who is engaging with your marketing content and then open a new CRM opportunity using the button provided for your sales staff to then follow up. This new lead can then be effectively nurtured through your OrderWise CRM track, with BI Alerts also able to notify staff to chase up leads when required.

CreditSafe integration then offers further insight into customer financials, while Business Intelligence can be used for analysing your own sales results. The information found through Business Intelligence can then be fed back into the Marketing Module so ROI can be dissected and targets for new campaigns produced. Altogether this creates an effective lead generation and sales cycle, designed to maximise profitability through simple data integration.

By harnessing the power of OrderWise CRM and using it alongside the OrderWise Marketing and Business Intelligence tools, businesses are provided with a flawlessly integrated all-in-one customer relationship management solution to suit even the most diverse business requirements.

Existing users can contact our Client Account Management team, and to discuss your requirements in more detail please call 01522 704083.


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