OrderWise Receives Microsoft Gold Partnership

Microsoft Gold

Having been a Microsoft Silver Partner for a number of years, this month OrderWise managed to attain the prestigious Microsoft Certified Gold Partnership for Application Development.

Microsoft Certified Gold Partners are Microsoft’s most highly accredited independent partners. In order to be certified as an Application Development Gold partner, Microsoft technology is required to be used as the primary platform on which the product is developed. As a Microsoft .NET application which runs on a Microsoft SQL Server database, OrderWise initially qualified.

OrderWise software was then subject to Windows 7 and 8 compatibility tests to ensure the application installs, runs and functions correctly on Windows. Further to this OrderWise had to go through a rigorous process which involved gathering positive feedback from numerous customers via satisfaction surveys and references.

With the help of some of our customers, OrderWise completed the necessary requirements and is now a part of the elite group of companies who have been granted Microsoft Gold Partnership certification.

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