OrderWise Earns GS1 UK Partnership Status

Industry_Partner_350pxAs a fast and highly accurate way of recording essential product information including traceability data, GS1 are global leaders in providing standards across a wide range of business sectors through the use of their dynamic barcode technology. With more and more businesses turning to the use of GS1 barcodes to help improve their warehouse operations, here at OrderWise we have been implementing ways for customers to use these standards in their everyday operations in order to improve performance. This month, this work has been recognised as OrderWise have been named an official GS1 UK Industry Partner with a Barcode Accreditation.

Typically encoded as either a pattern of squares in a 2D grid or a particularly long regular barcode, GS1 barcodes offer a streamlined method of transferring several different fields of data into a compatible device with a single scan. Over the last year our Development team have been continually improving the ways in which OrderWise is able to use these devices and now businesses are provided with the perfect combination of a comprehensive mobile software suite and GS1 barcode scanning technology in the form of our Mobile WMS Devices. To earn the Partnership Status and Barcode Accreditation, these devices had to be able to demonstrate the capabilities to scan and record information from both 1D & 2D GS1 Barcodes to drive increased productivity within warehouse and supply chain operations, which it was able to do with flying colours.

Handheldandbarcodes300px1Implement GS1 UK Standards Into Your Business With OrderWise

In addition to this extensive development work to incorporate GS1 Barcode use into our software, in order to become a GS1 UK Partner, several key members of staff underwent in-depth assessments of their knowledge of GS1 UK and their standards in order to ensure that a core understanding was held within the company. Having successfully passed these assessments, OrderWise has now been labelled an official GS1 UK Partner and is listed as such on the GS1 website, which you can see HERE.

By attaining this GS1 UK Partnership status, OrderWise joins an elite list of GS1 Partners that have displayed excellence in meeting their exceptionally high standards. However most importantly, any company looking to utilise GS1 barcodes to meet strict regulations within their industry or simply improve the accuracy and efficiency of their daily operations can now look to OrderWise with confidence, knowing the functionality they need for this to be achieved is readily available.

For more information on how OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices including full support for GS1 Barcodes can help your business to effectively manage warehouse operations, download our brochures or watch our videos.

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