OW Sales Manager Celebrates 10 Years Of Service

tuckyThis month sees Chris Tuck, Sales Manager, join an elite group of the OrderWise team by celebrating 10 years of service with the business. With the increase in members of this group showing the loyalty our staff have, we are extremely proud of the commitment and dedication Chris has shown.

Chris joined OrderWise as a Technical Support Advisor in the Support Department and quickly progressed to being a Team Leader. Further progression within the business soon saw Chris join the Sales Department as a Senior Business Advisor and he then became Sales Manager for small business sales.

A key member of the Sales Department, Chris has a wealth of business knowledge which, coupled with his OrderWise technical expertise, enable him to expertly advise customers and tailor a solution to meet a wide range of requirements.

Chris has consistently been a high performer in terms of sales values over the length of his time at OrderWise, and his knowledge and experience are of great benefit to all members of the Sales Department.

As a token of the company’s immense gratitude for his enormous contribution to OrderWise, Chris was verbally commended and awarded a special anniversary gift voucher during a presentation by Managing Director David Hallam.

So on behalf of all employees and customers, a massive well done and a huge THANK YOU to Chris for his unwavering commitment to OrderWise!