OrderWise App Enhancements Continue With The Arrival Of Six New Features

Android AppMobile applications are playing an increasingly vital role in business management, with even more of the workforce relying on the convenience of access to on-demand information and solutions. With this in mind, any business not providing staff with a mobile app to capture orders on-the-move could see a reduction in sales opportunities and a loss of profitability. By not giving staff the flexibility to be out on the road with the same data they’d have access to in the office means there is potential for them to not have the right information to hand to pass on to customers. This can then leave customers feeling frustrated having not received the first-class service that they have come to expect.

OWAndroid350pxWith the recently released OrderWise For Android™, businesses can now benefit from data between a user’s Android device and the main OrderWise system to be automatically synchronised so that vital information is kept accurately updated in real time, allowing staff to maximise all sales opportunities with confidence. Through the OrderWise App users can enter new customer details, raise new orders, update contact information and much more, with up-to-the-minute pricing and stock levels made available to the OrderWise App in return. You can read more about the OrderWise App HERE.

The OrderWise App has already proven immensely popular with our customers, with additional enhancements having been already added within the first month of its release including full invoice visibility and even more stock information. Available to existing customers on Google Play™ once licenced, this comprehensive mobile software has evolved once again this month to provide a further wealth of functionality for users at their fingertips.

Scanning barcode on cameraScan On-the-Go With Mobile Device Camera

Possibly the most exciting of the new developments is that OrderWise For Android now allows app users to scan barcodes using their native device camera. This means that no matter where staff are, they now have the convenience of scanning as they go. Users can take this cutting edge technology on the road to scan any items a customer may want, any quantity they want and maintain a running total for their order wherever they are. This means users can take their products out with them and make the complete sale there and then, whether visiting existing clients, meeting new potential customers or even exhibiting at trade shows!

Revolutionising the way any business sells simply from staff scanning with their tablet or phone camera, OrderWise gives users the essential modern day tool. With the ability to use the application anywhere and at any time, OrderWise For Android makes the perfect partner for businesses using OrderWise whilst out on the road. By using the smart and intuitive OrderWise App, businesses using OrderWise can ensure that they continue to deliver first-rate customer service whilst on-the-move and also never miss a sales opportunity again.

Man on tabletAdded Mobile Sales Order Functionality

Currently with the Android App, users can already raise sales orders & synchronise these back to the main OrderWise system, however several new enhancements have been added this month to deliver greater flexibility when generating sales on-the-move. With version 11.12 of OrderWise, the app now allows users to select Order Type within the Sales Order entry screen, allowing this valuable information to be accurately recorded for use in reports.

Also introduced to the newest version is the advantageous option to raise a sale as a quote or paused order. Sales people may find there’s a fine line when it comes to the amount of pressure a customer needs to be persuaded to buy, and by introducing this additional feature, users can be confident in giving the customer leniency. With the flexibility to raise a quote or pause an order when visiting customers on the road, sales staff will be able to benefit from being able to create an order there and then before correctly nurturing it towards the buying phase at a later date.

Mobile Data UsageIncreased Control With OrderWise For Android

With mobile app technology at the forefront of the future for businesses, many companies may find themselves picking up costs with extra mobile data use. These additional costs are a hindrance to the profitability and benefits of using this modern technology. However with the latest release of OrderWise For Android, users can be reassured by the new ability to control which functions use mobile data, putting businesses directly in the driving seat of their usage.

Staff no longer need to fear reaching their data limit whilst on the go with much tighter control now allowing longer usage for less. Businesses will save money and be able to use data for longer by restricting usage to just what is required. This better control means more effective management in where funds on mobile data are spent.

Additional to this, OrderWise For Android has added further control aesthetically – allowing users of the application the capability of personalising icons that can be seen on the customer details screen. This exciting new functionality means users can further customise their OrderWise experience, creating a tailored look to suit their business and branding.

google mapsMaximise Your Potential With Google Maps Integration

OrderWise already offers postcode lookup facilities as an invaluable sales tool, enabling full addresses to be automatically found by searching by the customer’s postcode. However with version 11.12 of OrderWise, the app sees further enhancement allowing integration with the hugely familiar Google Maps facility. With this new feature, users can now easily navigate both indoor and outdoor locations using multiple views with Google Maps API for Android.

This sixth addition to this month’s latest developments, and a powerful new integration, gives sales staff on the road instant information on a customer’s location. With this information at their fingertips within the OrderWise application, businesses no longer need to worry about arduously searching for locations and therefore save valuable time.

With these multiple new additions, the dynamic functionality already introduced within OrderWise For Android has been further extended, offering even greater help to staff looking to stay connected to their data and maximise their sales opportunities whilst on-the-move.

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