OrderWise Customer Base Maps Out The UK

FullColourRevcropOrderWise has been supplying stock control and order processing software to companies up and down the UK and Ireland for over 20 years, helping businesses to grow and expand by providing them with end to end management over their operations. As a result, OrderWise has itself grown extensively in this time with now over 70 staff employed and a customer base of over 750 companies.

This 750+ customer base is an accumulation of businesses from all over the UK and Ireland, varied in both their age and their size. This wide range of companies includes everything from small start-up businesses looking to get up and running, all the way to large, nationally recognised enterprises looking to maximise efficiency and productivity so that they can remain industry leaders.

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As well as supplying different sized businesses, our customer base also brings together a wide range of industries and sectors, such is the flexibility and scalability of our software. We supply business management systems to wholesalers, retailers and distributors who trade in everything from food, electrical goods and apparel to medicines, furniture and much more.

We have created an impressive snapshot to show the widespread and diverse nature of our OrderWise family. This has been achieved by plotting out the locations of our customers on a map of the UK and Ireland. This customer map starts from Inverness and Aberdeen and goes right down to Plymouth and Guernsey, hitting everywhere in between Manchester, Dublin, Cardiff and London along the way. This can be viewed below.

What this map shows is that no matter what your company sells, how big it is or where in the country you are based, OrderWise has the committed staff and software capabilities to provide your business with a comprehensive and tailored solution.


OrderWise Powered Businesses Map 1

For more information on how OrderWise can help you, download our brochure and watch the videos.

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