OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices Are Now GS1 Barcode Compatible

Mobile WMS DevicesthumbWith 112 organisations operating across 150 different countries and 28,000 members in the UK alone, GS1 are global leaders in providing supply and demand chain standards across a wide range of business sectors. Their encoded barcodes offer a streamlined method of transferring several different fields of data into a device with a single scan, for example EAN codes, Batch Numbers, Expiry Dates, quantities and more. Commonly GS1 barcodes can look like a pattern of squares in a 2D grid or a particularly long regular barcode, with the encoding referring to the content of the barcode and not its printed characteristics.

GS1 Barcodes2



As a highly effective method of ensuring product traceability is recorded, GS1 barcodes are already widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries but are quickly becoming increasingly common in other businesses as the use of these barcodes is passed down through the supply chain, with the NHS procurement strategy already ensuring their supply is utilising this format by next year. Currently, GS1 barcodes are used by over two million companies around the world, including major retailers, popular online marketplaces, food service operators and healthcare organisations, with more than six billion transactions processed using these barcodes each day.

To accommodate for this growing use of GS1 barcodes as part of everyday business operations, version 10.6 of OrderWise sees our industry leading OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Management (WMS) Devices now also compatible with GS1 barcode scanning technology.

OrderWise WMS Device 1GS1 Barcodes & OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices – The Perfect Combination For Efficiency

In the time since their inception, our Mobile WMS Devices have come an awfully long way. Wi-Fi and 3G enabled, these barcode scanning devices come complete with a whole host of mobile software modules that can send and receive information from the main OrderWise system completely wirelessly, helping businesses complete warehouse activities faster and without additional staff while also increasing accuracy. Each month we see more and more customers choosing to use our Mobile WMS Devices in order to deliver outstanding improvements in their warehouse operations. It is this constantly rising demand in popularity that has helped these devices continue to evolve into a complete warehouse management solution for OrderWise users of all sizes and sectors.

The latest evolution of these Mobile WMS Devices is the added flexibility of GS1 barcode support when these barcodes are being used to perform everyday warehouse management tasks. When a GS1 barcode is scanned, information including the EAN code, serial number, batch number, expiry date and quantity will be collected with this data automatically populated into the relevant fields on the Mobile WMS Device user’s current screen.

GS1 code boxesAnother Massive Leap Forward In Warehouse Efficiency & Accuracy

The introduction of GS1 barcode scanning capability to our Mobile WMS Devices provides a huge opportunity to increase the speed and accuracy of common warehouse tasks. Regardless of the industry a business operates in, where there is a requirement for batch, serial or expiry date information to be recorded, the GS1 barcode format means huge time savings and increased accuracy. Instead of having to scan or record several pieces of information separately on goods receipt, stock takes or picking this is now achieved with one simple press of a button. This can cut stock taking times in half, make goods receipt an extremely rapid process and help businesses pick more orders without increasing their staffing levels.

What’s more, having the capability to handle GS1 barcodes also opens the door to business opportunities with larger organisations that insist their supply chain partners utilise the format.

It is not only of benefit with traceability information, GS1 barcodes can also contain quantity information. This means a barcode on an outer box containing individual items can be scanned and the quantity of what is contained within is also populated automatically on our Mobile WMS devices, again saving masses amounts of stock handling time.

As of version 10.6 of OrderWise, GS1 Barcodes are currently supported by the following modules:

  • GS1 BarcodeMobile Picking
  • Mobile Goods In
  • Mobile Stock Take
  • Move Stock
  • Adjust Stock
  • Variant Check

If you are hoping to use GS1 Barcodes in other areas of OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, then there  is no need to worry as development is already underway for these barcodes to be used in-conjunction with other popular mobile modules including Mobile Replenishments, Put Away, Works Order Picking and more, with this functionality due to be added in future releases.

By supporting GS1 barcodes, the capabilities of our OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices have been further extended as staff using these devices are now able to record key product information when performing their daily activities with one simple scan of these dynamic barcodes. By using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices alongside GS1 barcodes, businesses are able to benefit from highly accurate, automatic recording of product and traceability details and greater overall efficiency in their everyday warehouse processes to help massively reduce costs.

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