OrderWise 2016: The Year So Far

OrderWise logoAs we reach the midway point in the year, it is incredible to think how far OrderWise has come in the space of just six months. Already this year, we as a company have celebrated our 25th Anniversary, been named as the Digital Business of the Year and also started work on our £1.3 Million company expansion. However as we as a business have been moving forward, our software too has also had a very progressive first half of the year. Since January, our developers have added well over 200 new modules, features, reports and general enhancements to our comprehensive all-in-one business management software, with this new functionality spread across all areas of our main system, website eCommerce platform and mobile devices.

Some of these developments have been directly requested by our users whereas others have been strategic additions to our software that we have added to help improve the software offering and solution benefits available to our customer base. However regardless of whether the development has been requested by our customers or the OrderWise Development team, the end result is a commitment by us to keep our software moving forward by remaining cutting edge, keeping up with all the latest technological advances and industry innovations.

Home ScreenMost importantly, all these new features added into OrderWise in 2016 have been specifically designed to help our users increase the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of all their daily business processes and warehouse operations. With £1,000,000 put into the development of our software each year, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the big additions to OrderWise that have resulted from this investment so far in 2016:

New Look OrderWise Arrives!

The first major addition to OrderWise came right at the start of the year when in January we unveiled the modern new design for our software. To coincide with OrderWise’s 25th Anniversary, our developers decided to make a few changes to the skin of the user interface so that OrderWise had a cleaner, fresher look on which they could build throughout 2016. Since its release, this new design has continued to receive positive feedback from our clients who have praised OrderWise’s default styling, as well as the ability to still be able to customise the colour scheme to suit their own preference and company branding. Read More >>

3PL BillingMonumental New 3PL Billing Module

Back in May, we introduced possibly the biggest new addition to our software since the start of the year and that is our Third Party Logistics (3PL) Billing Module. Completely adaptable to meet the needs of the user, OrderWise 3PL Billing is the ideal suite of software for any business managing stock and fulfilling orders on behalf of their customers. By introducing this 3PL Billing module we are now able to offer these businesses a complete solution for their third party logistics management, enabling them to reap all the benefits of our Stock Control, Warehouse Management and Mobile WMS Devices, along with additional functionality that provides an accurate method of calculating customer charges based on stock handlings such as picking, packing, put away, freezing, delivery, storage and more. This new module has already proved popular with many 3PL businesses already using OrderWise and will no doubt continue this way in the coming months as the functionality available continues to be further enhanced. Read More >> Quickly Resolve 3PL Billing Disputes >>

Customer Scanning on HHTLet Customers Scan As They Shop

Latching on to one recent innovation that is proving popular with a wide variety of different shop owners, last month we revealed our great new Scan As You Shop functionality. Fully integrated to the main OrderWise solution and designed for use with our Mobile Devices, this new software allows users with retail outlets, showrooms or cash and carries to allow their customers to go around scanning the items they want, the quantity required and have a running total for their order while still walking the shop. Once finished a customer can then send their orders back to OrderWise where businesses have the flexibility to process this in a number of different ways through OrderWise Sales or EPOS. As consumers start to expect this technology, Scan As You Shop facilities will start to become more and more essential in trade counter/retail stores, so to get this as part of OrderWise early will help our users operating from these type of trade environments to stay ahead of the trend. Read More >>

EPOS checkout2Offline EPOS Offers Retail Trading Flexibility

Also arriving in the June release was the ability for users to now be able to set up OrderWise EPOS to use it in a new Offline Mode. Traditionally OrderWise EPOS has been an internet-based solution, however as we have continued to grow so has the popularity of our EPOS solution. This growing interest has led to us recently being asked to help companies with increasingly larger retail operations and more diverse requirements to handle all of their walk-in counter sales. That being the case, businesses that are operating these larger retail environments across multiple stores or those who tend to have slower internet access will often prefer to use an offline EPOS solution. By providing the flexibility for businesses to use OrderWise EPOS in this way, companies can now choose whether they wish to use this substantial order processing software in either a live or offline mode, providing both extra reliability and the functionality to cater for a wider range of point-of-sale requirements. Read More >>

CheckoutOrderWise Commerce Continues To Grow!

The introduction of the OrderWise Commerce Platform was without a doubt the biggest new addition to OrderWise in 2015, however the ongoing development of this online cart has seen some of the biggest enhancements to our end-to-end solution so far this year too. Since January, our team of Web Developers have been adding new functionality to the OrderWise Cart to further help businesses acquiring an all-in-one solution from OrderWise to provide an outstanding online shopping experience to all their customers and also guarantee that the management of their website orders are kept accurate, simplified and streamlined on the back end as well. As more users come to us requesting new features from the OrderWise Website Platform, businesses can expect to see even more new enhancements to the OrderWise Cart added later on in the year. For now though, here are the best additions so far this year:

Purchase Management, Click & Collect, Custom Profiles & Free Shipping Notifications >>

Favourites List, Variant Grid & Buy Lists >>

Variant Documents, Faster Searching & Address Lookup Tool >>

Customer Currency Synchronisation For Easy Trading In Multiple Currencies >>

PalletStockThe Best Of The Rest

Although this year has already seen some headline new additions to OrderWise in terms of new modules and licenced features, our Development & Testing team have also worked hard to further enhance all existing areas of the OrderWise Business Management Software too.

This includes great new functionality added across all key areas of software including Stock Control, Sales, Despatch, Purchasing, CRM, Reporting, Business Intelligence and more. Of these enhancements and new features, here are just some of the best additions that have been added since January:

Stock Control: Stock Transfer Forecast >> Minimum Quantity Override >>

Sales: Variant Filter For Fast Order Entry >>

Marketplace Integration: eBay & Amazon Strikethrough Pricing >> Amazon Competitive Pricing Update >>
Copy Amazon Listings Button For Easy Multi-Currency Marketplace Trading >>

Purchasing: Automated Raising Of Purchase Orders >>

Warehouse Management: In-System Goods In Despatch >> Pick Large Quantities Direct From Bulk >>

Mobile WMS Devices: Ad Hoc Picking >> Live Stock Movements >> Enhancements to Mobile Stock Replenishments >>

Courier Integration: Interlink Express & Palletways >>

Accounts: Include All Transactions In Cash Flow Forecast >> Use Average Pay Days In Cash Flow Forecast >>
Control How Aged Balances Are Calculated >> Automated Management of Recurring Supplier Payments >>
Import Transactions, Add Recurring Payments/Receipts and Average Days To Pay added to Cash Flow Forecast >> Automatically Post To OrderWise Accounts >>

Business Intelligence & Reporting: Supplier Business Intelligence Grids >> New Standard Reports >>

Manufacturing & Kitting: Quick Adjust Kits >>

Keep an eye out for lots more great new OrderWise functionality that is still to be added later in the year!