OrderWise 2014 – The Year So Far

FullColourRevcropAs we reach the halfway mark in the year, it is incredible to think how far OrderWise has come in the space of six months. Since January, our developers have added well over 250 new modules, features, reports and general enhancements to our stock control and order processing software, with this new functionality spread across all areas of our main system and Mobile WMS Devices.

All these new features added in to OrderWise 2014 have been specifically designed to improve existing functionality and help our customers to increase the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of all their business processes and warehouse operations. Here are some of the big additions to the software so far this year:

Direct OrderingReturns Module

OrderWise Returns arrived in the April release and has already proved to be immensely popular amongst our customers, providing users with structured management over both customer and supplier returns processes. Tailored to meet the requirements of the business, this module enables companies to ensure high customer service levels are always maintained, costs are minimised and relevant credits, debits, stock adjustments, repairs, replacements or write offs are handled in an accurate, streamlined and efficient manner. READ MORE >>

Since the release of the module, further enhancements have been made to allow users to:

Mark customer returns as fully received >>

Ensure the correct transactions are used when handling supplier returns >>

Customer Returns Collection >>

Customer Returns Label >>

Stock MovementStock Replenishment

Also introduced in the April release was OrderWise Stock Replenishment, a new feature that provides structured management of picking bin replenishment, designed to be used either within the main OrderWise System or in-conjunction with our HHT Mobile Devices. This comprehensive module can be tailored to meet the replenishment requirements of the business using it, ensuring staff time is spent productively and maximum efficiency is achieved across all warehouse tasks and operations. READ MORE >> 

Although only released in April, the June release has seen plenty of new additions to the Stock Replenishment module including an update to core functionality to allow multiple picking and replenishment bins to be used. In addition to this, users can now allocate replenishment stock across multiple locations, import replenishment variants, override the bin on replenishment pick confirm and choose the items available for Replenishment. READ MORE >>

Set Max Quantity Per Replenishment >>

Use Replenishment Bins As Fallover Picking Bins >>


Made available to OrderWise users in the February release, OrderWise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides the tools, structure and control to manage every interaction with customers so that stronger, more profitable relationships can be built. From prospect creation through to sales conversion and beyond, this module can be tailored to business requirements to ensure staff can easily access the information needed to target the right customers and attain an effective overall performance. READ MORE >>

ordering systemBusiness Intelligence

Existing users will tell you that OrderWise already knows everything about the business it is serving, every sale, every customer, every stock transaction, cost, margin and much more. If used effectively, this wealth of data on all aspects of operations is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. With the OrderWise Business Intelligence Module that was first introduced in version 9.11, users are provided with key statistics so overall business performance can be easily accessed and analysed from a one-view grid. From this businesses can drill down to find which areas have under-performed in just a matter of clicks. READ MORE >>

Mobile WMS Devices

Although they have been part of the OrderWise system for some time now, our Mobile WMS Devices have been making huge waves already this year with their popularity constantly increasing. Leading the way in cutting edge warehouse management systems and barcode scanning technology, these Wi-Fi and 3G enabled handheld terminals allow businesses to wirelessly, accurately and efficiently manage all common warehouse tasks. This includes picking, goods in, stock takes, replenishments, movements, adjustments and much more. READ MORE >>

OrderWise WMS Device 1The demand for these Mobile WMS Devices has been led to and driven by the increasing amount of functionality available on these devices, with more modules and features being constantly introduced in order for mobile device user requirements to be met. Since January, in addition to stock replenishment, new features on these devices have included:

Stock Put Away >>

Put Away Quarantined Stock >>

Transfer Goods In >>

Mobile Shipping >>

Barcode Templates >>

Disproportionately Picked Kits >>

Despatch Goods In >>

Mobile WMS Countdown GreenAverage Time Countdown

Another substantial piece of new functionality was added in version 9.9 to further extend the power of OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices and their ability to provide outstanding warehouse management and staff performance feedback. This fantastic feature provides OrderWise Mobile WMS Device users with picker performance monitoring and targeting to help achieve a consistent level of productivity from warehouse staff as well as a way to identify potential efficiency issues within operations.

The concept of this new standard functionality on the Mobile WMS Devices is to provide businesses with a way of accurately measuring and analysing the performance of individual pickers as they move between bins and gather the stock for their picks.  This detailed information can then be used to create target times which can be displayed on a users Mobile Device, counting down the time expected for them to reach the next bin from which they need to pick.  Although activating the on screen countdown timer is optional, it provides pickers with a guide to their targeted levels of productivity and helps maintain a consistent picking speed, increasing efficiency and order throughput within the warehouse. READ MORE >>

Pick Rules

Available to OrderWise customers from this month onwards, this significant new piece of development adds another hugely beneficial feature to our warehouse management credentials. Pick Rules work in conjunction with the OrderWise HHT Mobile Warehouse Devices to automate the creation of picks.  This allows businesses to set up and apply rules that dictate how picks are created and determine which pickers are best suited to handle the picks created by them. These rules are completely customisable and are deployed using a custom plug in, ensuring that the feature can be tailored to meet a company’s own individual needs and requirements.

SaleMultisaver Discounts

You would find it difficult to walk into almost any shop or visit any retail website without being confronted with that business’ latest offers and current promotions – buy one get one free, buy one get one half price, Buy 3 for £10, Get 25% off when you buy 3 and endless other possibilities. In Version 9.10 of OrderWise, significant new functionality was introduced to enable users to set up and manage popular multisaver discount offers for the first time. READ MORE >>

Bulk Orders & Call Offs

The big feature to arrive in the March release was the structured management facility that allows users to handle bulk orders and their subsequent call off requirements. Providing fast, visible and accurate control over bulk orders and formal call off contracts, this module gives customers the confidence that their agreed pricing is maintained and their call off schedules are met. From this, businesses can benefit from efficient running of projects and assurance that all sales opportunities are fully capitalised. READ MORE >>

CCP PreAuthCredit Card Pre-Auths

The Credit Card Pre-Auth functionality that arrived in the April release allowed users to handle pre-authorised payment processing both safely and securely. To coincide with this feature, a new Verifone Vanguard payment gateway was introduced and the SagePay payment gateway functionality was also increased to allow deferred payments to be managed through the Credit Card Pre-Auth feature. With these multiple new enhancements, OrderWise customers who use Credit Card Pre-Auth are provided with greater card handling flexibility to meet even the most demanding payment requirements. READ MORE >>

eCommerce Deals

For online retailers looking to shift end of line products or manage special offers, a new eCommerce deals feature has been introduced in this month’s June release. Allowing users to quickly and easily set up deals on items in their eCommerce sessions with the relevant quantities listed, OrderWise customers using this functionality are provided with a structured management tool for handling deals offered across multiple online channels. READ MORE >>

Exchange Rate Service

trading-in-multi-currencyAs international traders or overseas purchasers will know, exchange rates will often fluctuate, making it important to keep them regularly updated. To help our customers maintain accurate exchange rates, a new feature brought into OrderWise in the April release allows users to now receive scheduled currency updates direct from two different websites. READ MORE >>

An exchange rate sales order recalculation utility was also introduced in the March release. This utility can run alongside the exchange rate update service to ensure that even existing sales orders use the most up-to-date currency exchange rates. READ MORE >>


Additional Price Lists

OrderWise Sales Order Processing has seen a wide variety of new enhancements over the course of the year, one of the first being the ability to set additional price lists against a customer record. This new price list management structure added new depth and flexibility to the way businesses are able to manage, apply and utilise pricing for maximum commercial advantage. READ MORE >>

Override Price Lists

With the additional price lists functionality allowing OrderWise users to operate using multiple price lists, another price list management feature was introduced in the May release to permit a price list override in the sales order entry screen. This gives users greater flexibility when applying a price list to a sales order. READ MORE >>

Clear Down Partially Delivered Sales Orders

There may be times for many where companies find themselves unable to fulfil all items on a sales order, possibly due to manufacturing delays or general lack of availability. In the May release, a new feature was introduced to allow businesses to handle these partially delivered sales orders in the most practical way by either clearing down outstanding quantities or raising them in a new sales order. READ MORE >>

Stock AllocationAlso added to Sales in 2014:

Alternate items >>

Change Delivery Address >>

View Customer Backs Orders >>

Pop-Up Customer Messages >>

Copy Sales Order Comments on Direct and Back to Back orders >>

Choose Whether Free or Overall Stock Quantity is shown in Sales Orders >>

Edit Sales Order Line Quantity >>

Price By Character >>

Allocate on Sales Order Save >>

Calculate quantities from dimensions >>

Security Control Over Sales Order Header Analysis >>


Multiple New Features in April Release

Purchasing has also seen an extensive number of improvements introduced this year, with April in particular seeing multiple new features added in order to enhance the accuracy and efficiency right across the module. These included the ability to allocate stock in purchasing, add invoices in purchase activity, show only lines not fully invoiced when adding an invoice, view supplier history in purchase activity and choose whether to include or exclude all when running the to purchase report. READ MORE >>

Handle Changing Supplier Costs

Fluctuating supplier costs is something many businesses will have to encounter, either annually or on a more regular basis. In the last six months multiple new features have been added to allow users to better control fluctuating costs, ensuring any changes are handled efficiently with any impact to business activities minimised.

Supplier Special Costs >>

Update Purchase Order Line Costs Utility >>

Satisfied customerAlso added to Purchasing in 2014:

Purchase Invoice Activity >>

Change Supplier Within A Purchase Order >>

Exclude Quarantine in To Purchase Report >>

Amalgamate Purchase Invoices >>

Retrospective Discounts >>

Single Batch Fulfilment >>


Despatch Parcel Dimensions >> View Order Description >>

Goods In Allocated Stock Receipt >> Cancel Purchase Order Quantity >>

Invoicing Invoice Before Despatch >>

Manufacturing Retain batch and expiry dates >> Estimated Revision Cost >> Component Quantity Multiplier >>

eCommerce Reconcile order payments >> Control Back to Back Orders >> Direct Ordering >>

EPOS Gross and Total Net Display >> Serial & Batch Traceability >> Multiple Enhancements >>

Courier Integration UK Pallets Online >> Royal Mail OBA >> Palletway Sirius >>

KPI Dashboards CRM >> Despatch >>

Reports January >> February >> March >> April >> May >> June >> July >> August >>

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