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Sales thumbFor any business, finding the most organised and efficient method of processing orders for new enquiries can be quite a challenge.  The difficulty often lies in accurately and professionally handling enquiries from potential new customers  as quickly and efficiently as possible, especially for those business that receive high volumes of pricing and availability enquiries.

Many companies will often go down the route of creating a new customer record for each enquiry from a potential new customer.  While there are excellent benefits to gathering this information to aid future marketing, additional enquiries, analysis and reporting, it means those enquiring have to provide a lot of information before even getting to the stage of discussing their requirement.  If a high percentage of these enquiries naturally result in no sale then the time taken recording contact information at this stage can be a drain on resources and result in a high volume of irrelevant customer records being created.

To avoid this scenario and keep enquiry handling times down, some companies will have a generic customer record against which all new enquiries are processed.  This means staff can get straight into building a sales order or quote and providing the pricing and availability information for which the customer is often looking.  Although a much faster and streamlined handling method, the drawback here is that should the enquiry then turn in to a sale it will require a new customer record creating for the customer and the sales order either inputting again against the new customer or copying across. Either way, it will be duplicated work.

Considering this, it is more beneficial for staff to create the order first so that pricing can be provided with the customer record created only if a quote or order is placed. By working in this manner, businesses can avoid time being wasted unnecessarily creating customer records, provide better service levels by providing new enquiries with the information they require faster and also convert these new enquiries to orders more quickly.

12494 - Quick Order Customer ListFast, Practical Processing Of New Enquiries With OrderWise Quick Order

To help users to better manage these situations, a brand new Quick Order feature has been added in version 10.3 of OrderWise to enable users to quickly raise a sales order before creating a customer record without the need to duplicate information.  Users would flag a customer record or records as ones that can be used for Quick orders.  This would likely be a generic record with the ability to create as many as required to handle the requirements of the business i.e different currencies, different price lists etc.  When the Quick Order button is used, if there are multiple Quick Order customer records set up a screen will appear from which to choose the appropriate one (correct price list, currency etc), if only one Quick Order customer is available the sale order will instantly open.  The order or quote would be raised against the relevant quick order customer record and should the customer decide to progress or wish to formalise the quote a new customer record can be created from within the sales order.  Once the customer has been saved, the new customer details will then be copied to the order.

With this fantastic new feature OrderWise users are provided with a faster, more effective method of processing orders for new enquiries. By using the Quick Order option, staff can quickly raise an order while speaking with a potential customer about their requirements, allowing time wasted creating new customers who don’t end up purchasing to be carefully avoided.

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