Faster Despatch Operations With Kit Component Pick Amalgamation

Mobile WMS DevicesthumbEnsuring component stock is always picked in the fastest, most accurate way is a prime concern for any business selling kitted or bundled items, which is why barcode scanning technology is becoming such an integral part of everyday despatch operations for successful businesses. However, simply using barcodes is not enough to ensure maximum efficiency is being achieved, as businesses need to also ensure they have the right processes in place so that pickers collect stock from around the warehouse in the most practical way too.

In many circumstances, businesses can often find that some kitted items will share the same components with others. This can be a common occurrence for businesses selling things such as gift sets and particularly other kitted items where the components are also sold as individual items in their own right. Without the right system in place, businesses can often find that staff will travel to a bin to collect component stock for a kit, only to find that they then have to travel back to the same bin to collect more of the same stock as it is needed for another kit on the same order. By having pickers collect the quantity required for each kit separately even though multiple kits may require the same component stock, businesses will find picking efficiency levels drop massively.

RP1200_Front MenuRP1200_Front Menu SmallMassively Increase Kit Component Picking Efficiency With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses already have a fast, accurate and comprehensive method of picking kitted products. As standard, these devices have the ability to direct pickers to collect component stock from around the warehouse using the most logical walk route, the ability to recognise when a kit has been disproportionately picked and much more.

Here at OrderWise however, just because we already have existing functionality it does not stop us from constantly looking at how we can make it even better and more efficient.  Now in version 10.4 of OrderWise, if an order has several kits containing common components these can be amalgamated.  This means that the picker will be sent the relevant bin and told to pick the overall quantity of the components required for the whole order rather than as individual picks for each kit they are required for.

With this fantastic new enhancement, businesses can further utilise OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices to achieve even greater warehouse efficiency by now picking component stock for multiple different kits much more quickly and in a more streamlined manner.

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