One click supplier change even after goods receipt

 In previous releases of OrderWise we have added new features that are designed to make the process of undoing certain actions simple to achieve.  Features such as the Reverse Delivery and Reverse Receipt are two examples of this.   These features are designed so that at the click of a button a delivery or goods receipt made in error can be quickly undone with any relevant adjustment transactions being performed and recorded by OrderWise automatically.

As always, the easy answer is to avoid making mistakes in the first place, as none of us are perfect in that respect, here at OrderWise we are happy to accept that mistakes will happen and work out how to make the process of rectifying them as simple and straight forward as possible.

Supplier errors can lead to multiple adjustments

Although not an everyday occurrence, situations arise where purchase orders are raised and the wrong supplier is selected.  It may be the order was placed with a supplier verbally and the purchase order raised afterwards against the wrong supplier, or a company may have suppliers with almost identical names that are mixed up.  Ultimately when purchase orders are manually raised there is the potential for an incorrect supplier to be chosen.

In the majority of cases such errors would be quickly identified and the purchase order can simply be cancelled and raised again using the correct supplier.  However if stock had been received against the purchase order then a debit note would need to be created, the stock adjusted out, a new PO raised to the correct supplier and the stock then booked back in against this to ensure a correct audit trail and record is maintained.

One click supplier change even after goods receipt

The 2014 v9.1 release sees a new feature added to Purchasing that allows the supplier to be changed on a purchase order.  In order to ensure only authorised staff are able to use this new feature it is controlled and activated by a User Group Setting found at Security>User groups>Purchasing>Purchase Orders.  When activated a new Change Supplier button will appear in the Purchase Order header next to the Edit Supplier button. 

Users will now be able to use this button to change the supplier on a purchase order even after stock has been received.  When clicked a window will appear with a list of suppliers and a new supplier for the purchase order can be chosen, however the new supplier must use the same currency.  If stock has already been received at this point then OrderWise will make then required amendments to ensure transactions are updated.

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