October 2016 Newsletter Out Now!

October 2016 Newsletter ThumbOur October 2016 Newsletter is now available to read HERE.

In this month’s bumper edition, we unveil the new OrderWise Android Application which is designed to allow staff to raise sales orders and keep in touch with their valuable OrderWise data whilst out on-the-road. We also take a look at some of the great new features added to OrderWise in the latest release, which this month includes 32 new enhancements such as enhanced Mobile WMS functionality and greater visibility in OrderWise Accounts. As well as all this, we also have the latest staff news and two feature articles that focus on the benefits of GS1 barcodes for online retailers and those of an end-to-end solution.

You can read about all this and more in our latest blogs.

The new developments featured in this month’s newsletter are:

  • Raise New Orders & Stay Connected To Your Data On-The-Move With OrderWise For Android – A monumental addition has arrived to OrderWise this month in the form of our new OrderWise Android Application. This exciting new module is available to existing OrderWise customers through the Google Play Store and delivers comprehensive mobile software to keep sales staff connected to their OrderWise data whilst on-the-move. Read More >>
  • Increase Warehouse Management Efficiency By Choosing When To Scan – Barcode scanning technology is already well proven to assist businesses in streamlining their warehouse operations. Now the latest release of OrderWise sees new functionality added which allows Mobile Device users to have greater flexibility and control of their product scanning on an individual item basis. Read More >>
  • More Functionality To Keep On Top Of Post-Referendum Currency Fluctuations  – With exchange rates constantly fluctuating since the Brexit decision earlier this year, businesses can find it difficult to maintain control over currencies applied to purchase orders. OrderWise already provides functionality to manage currency fluctuations and now two new features provide even greater control over exchange rate application. Read More >>
  • Greater Customer Credit Control With Increased Transactional Visibility – Effective credit control requires readily viewable information and can help to ensure that cash flow planning is not hampered by time consuming processes. The latest OrderWise release provides real flexibility and customisation of the way key information is viewed, allowing for a more focused approach to key financial matters. Read More >>
  • New Courier Integration With Whistl – This month sees yet another courier service added to the already extensive list available with the OrderWise Courier Integration module. Now OrderWise customers who use the Whistl courier service can benefit from a streamlined process for their despatch operations. Read More >>

And this month’s feature articles:

  • GS1 Barcodes Are Now An Essential For Marketplace Retailers – But Can They Increase Your Sales Revenue? – The sheer range and volume of products available on online marketplaces presents challenges in terms of effective product organisation and management. However by having the structured data that the GS1 product identifiers provide, companies trading on marketplaces can ensure correct product cataloguing and improve the visibility of their items online. Read More >>
  • What is An End-To-End Solution & How Will It Benefit Your Business? – The term “End-to-End Solution” is quickly becoming a buzz phrase in the world of business management software, but what exactly does it mean and how will it benefit your day-to-day operations? In this month’s feature article, we attempt to answer these questions by taking a deeper look at what this terminology means to today’s businesses. Read More >>

Staff News:

  • Last Chance To Vote For OrderWise – The excitement is building as the 31st of October deadline for votes in the People’s Choice category of the Family Business Awards fast approaches. We’re relying on your votes to win this award so all are appreciated – if you have not voted yet and still want to give us your backing, click the link and register your vote for OrderWise today! Vote for OrderWise Here >>
  • More New Starters Join The OrderWise Team – Another five staff members have joined OrderWise this month and settled into their departments after their initial training. The new recruits will strengthen our our various teams and we wish them all the best as they embark upon their OrderWise careers. Read More >>
  • And The October 2016 Employee Of The Month Is… – This month’s Employee of the Month award goes to Hannah Collins from our eCommerce Team. Hannah’s commitment to her role and contribution to her team’s workload makes her a worthy recipient of this month’s award. Read More >>