List Across Numerous Multi-Currency Amazon Marketplaces With Ease

Marketplace IntegrationWhen it comes to trading on Amazon, veteran online sellers will tell you that getting as much exposure to your products as possible is key. That’s why many Amazon traders will choose to make the most of the global marketplace available to them and sell their products across multiple different seller accounts on Amazon’s broad range of international marketplaces. However although this greatly increases the chances of items getting sold, it also means businesses needing to update multiple listings for each single item that they sell.

For businesses selling large volumes of items on Amazon, managing multiple listings for each individual item can be an extremely time consuming and costly exercise. If this process is done manually then that means staff are required to repeatedly enter the same information, logging into every single seller account to set up what is essentially a duplicate listing. For companies selling hundreds or even thousands of items on Amazon, this method of working is simply unmanageable. Therefore within their Amazon Seller Central, it is likely businesses listing higher quantities of items will have the Amazon Build International Listing (BIL) functionality enabled, a tool provided by Amazon that helps replicate listings internationally from one marketplace.

Amazon MobileBenefit From A Fully Integrated Amazon Listings Tool

However although this works for businesses solely trading on Amazon, the same problems still exist for businesses where Amazon trading is just a part of their large online or multi-channel operation. As well as Amazon, these companies may also be selling through their own website, other marketplaces, as well as offline channels such as orders coming from telephone, email or trade/retail counter stores.

This means that even though they might not need to log in to multiple Amazon seller accounts to manually replicate listings, without a single solution that brings together all their other sales channels too they will still need to log in to multiple disconnected systems to manage all their product listings and price updates. Therefore when looking for a solution for handling listings across multiple Amazon marketplaces, businesses should consider a tool that helps drive efficient product management into not just Amazon but also their entire sales operation too.

Here at OrderWise, we already provide extensive Amazon Integration including comprehensive functionality to manage listings across multiple seller Amazon accounts on their various international marketplaces. Whether trading on a single marketplace from a single seller account or multiple marketplaces from multiple seller accounts, using our suite of software can help businesses gain huge efficiency benefits. By simply having one single solution to manage all their product creation, price management and order processing, OrderWise users can massively streamline management of their Amazon trading. For more information on OrderWise Marketplace Integration & Listings, visit this page HERE.

amazondelivery350pxNew Copy Listings Button For Easy Management Of Amazon Trading On Multiple Marketplaces     

Now version 11.6 of OrderWise sees an exciting new feature added to our Amazon Listings functionality that enables businesses to copy their listings from one seller marketplace to another in just a couple of clicks. This has been facilitated by a new button added to the Amazon Listings tab found within a variant record which when pressed, will open up a new form showing the available seller marketplaces for which the original listing can be copied. Depending on whether the company is set up to allow multiple listings in the same marketplace or not, this form will show either all marketplaces or just the ones which haven’t already been setup for the item.

Once the desired marketplace has been chosen all details contained within the selected record will be copied over to the new record, except for the fields relating to the current listing status. The Standard Amazon Price Export plugin available with the OrderWise Amazon Integration Suite will then automatically export the correct price in the correct currency for the new marketplace record.

With this fantastic new feature, businesses using OrderWise to manage their Amazon business can now benefit from being able to efficiently copy listings across the multiple marketplace on which they are trading in just a few short clicks. This further extends OrderWise’s ability to provide companies selling on Amazon with a comprehensive all-in-one solution to manage all aspects of their trading on not just this popular marketplace, but through all their other sales channels too.

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